Rosie Bea x Eylure and Elegant Touch

Rosie Bea Eylure Elegant Touch collection

Nothing makes me happier than when brands collaborate with bloggers!

This Rosie Bea collection* is definitely one of my favourite collaborations, the designs on the nails are gorgeous and there’s a great range in the different types of eyelashes.

There’s 12 products in total (I have all of them) including three printed sets of nails, three block colour sets of mails, two 3/4 length lashes, two day lashes and two evening lashes.

Rosie Bea gift bag Rosie Bea print nails lashes

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of this collection and had the Kitty lashes and Molten nails applied there.

The nails are absolutely gorgeous – I couldn’t stop staring at them – and the eyelashes blended with mine perfectly.

They apply in the usual way (using the eyelash glue/nail glue included in each box) which makes them really easy to use.

Rosie Bea Kitty lashes Rosie Bea molten nails

I was really impressed with how long the nails lasted.

As far as I could remember false nails used to, without fail, ping off of me but these didn’t!

One of the thumb nails did get a bit loose, but it was easy to fix with a bit of the glue included in the box.

I removed them after wearing them for around a week and although they were a bit of a pain to remove, they didn’t damage my nails when I did take them off.

rosie bea collection

I have no clue how I’m going to use all of these, in fact, I think I might give some away on my Instagram account!

I really love doing giveaways on my blog (it’s nice to pass on some of the lovely things I get sent to my readers) but I never do them on social media and I really want to change that.

I’ve been putting a lot of time into growing my Instagram account and I want to make it more interactive than just me posting photos.

Rosie Bea bag