Festive scents from Aromand candles

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Aromand candles

There’s nothing I love more than a beautiful Christmas-themed candle.

I always have one burning in my bedroom while I work, and I find the fragrance of a room can really alter your mood.

Therefore, I was really excited to be sent a couple of candles from Aromand, who I met at a festive-themed event last month.

I have two of their most festive scents to share with you today: Citrus Cinnamon Spice and Apple and Ginger Pudding. Now, I don’t know about you, but they sound delicious to me!

Each candle comes in a box with a ribbon tied on the top, making them easy to pop under the tree or slip into someone’s stocking.

citrus cinnamon spice tea light candle

Citrus Cinnamon Spice*

I have a mini tea light of this, which is in a really cute little frosted glass jar.

This has a very strong spicy, cinnamon scent which I love and really reminds me of hot festive drinks.

These mini candles make perfect stocking fillers and I think they probably burn for around 4-6 hours, making them perfect for sampling a fragrance before buying a full-sized candle.

Each tea light costs £7.50, if you want to try this scent yourself, you can pick one up here.

apple and ginger pudding mini tumbler candle

Apple and Ginger Pudding*

I LOVE the smell of ginger, seriously, I’m obsessed and I bulk buy anything with it as a key ingredient.

Therefore, this candle fragrance is right up my street and I’m itching to start burning it.

It really reminds me of the apple crumbles my mum used to make us when we were younger and I think it’s the perfect scent for a frosty winter evening.

I have this candle in a mini-tumbler size, which usually lasts for around 15 hours. I burn my candles for four hours at a time so this should last me around four sessions, which is perfect!

Mini-tumblers are £12 and you can find this one here.

*PR Samples