The importance of writing Christmas cards

Hello Geronimo Christmas card selection

Beautiful Christmas cards

If I’m being honest, it’s really rare that I write people Christmas cards, or really anything for that matter.

I’ve become so reliant on communicating with people online, especially as it’s so easy and instant, writing to people seems a bit, well, out of date.

That said, nothing gets me more excited than a bit of unexpected post, and a card from someone is so rare it feels really special.

Therefore, I’ve decided to go old school this Christmas and write some cards to people I love.

These gorgeous cards are from Hello Geronimo* and I think the festive animal designs are seriously cute!

I like buying people beautiful cards, I’m not one for gimmicky or humorous ones unless it’s for my best friend, and these would look lovely sitting on a windowsill or fireplace.

Hello Geronimo polar bear christmas card

What to write?!

I’m so not used to writing to people, I often struggle to get the words out when I do.

To be honest, all I really wanted to say with these was merry Christmas and I wish you well for the new year, so that’s exactly what I wrote.

We usually stay at home for Christmas, but this year we’ll be in Germany. That means we won’t be seeing a lot of the friends and family we normally do during Christmas, so sending everyone a card is a nice way for me to at least send them something.

It’s nice to let people know that even though you’re away, you’re thinking of them and I really enjoy surprising people with an unexpected card or gift.

festive design christmas cards written Hello Geronimo christmas cards

When the majority of people in our social groups are so easily accessible, I think it’s important to make that little bit extra effort to do something nice for them.

A Christmas card might seem like a small thing, but it really does make the difference and I’m sure it will put a smile on the face of whoever receives it!

*PR Samples