How to cheat a healthy glow this winter

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Winter weather really messes up my skin, and when I wake up to dry patches, dark circles and a generally grey complexion I can’t resist racing to my makeup stash and hastily applying everything and anything to combat it.

Over the years I’ve built a collection of products that really work for me and by applying them I immediately look more awake and, dare I say it, less like I’ve been spending the last few months battling the elements in a dull, moody London.

Below are the products that I routinely use for a natural, healthy glow makeup look. They sit well on my skin, wear well throughout the day (no caking or oxidising here!) and don’t leave my skin feeling stressed out when I remove them.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations, let me know your favourite healthy glow products in the comments below!

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Liz Earle Signature Foundation – Porcelain

I stumbled upon this foundation purely by chance (I was aimlessly wondering through a beauty hall in Exeter when I took a look at the Liz Earle counter and was introduced to it by one of the women working there) and I’m so glad I decided to purchase it because it’s a beautifully moisturising formula that sits really well on my skin. Porcelain is the perfect match for my winter skin (read: pale, PALE) and it gives a medium coverage that easily covers any minor blemishes I have while evening out my skintone.

£21 here

INIKA Baked Mineral Bronzer – Sunkissed*

I usually avoid using bronzers, purely because I worry that in one swipe I’ll look like I’ve rubbed a cheese puff on my cheekbones. Luckily, INIKA have my back and their mineral bronzer is so beautifully subtle, it’s perfect for cheating a sunkissed glow. Bronzer definitely isn’t an essential for a healthy glow makeup look, but if you can find one that works well for you it doesn’t hurt to use it!

£29.50 here

Benefit dandelion shy beam product shot

Benefit Shy Beam

This was another beauty hall buy, this time while browsing Harvey Nichols after work, and I’m so glad I took the plunge and bought it straight away. I find liquid highlighters are the best for cheating a healthy glow as they blend easier than a powder and give a much more natural finish. Shy Beam is a bright, pale pink with absolutely no shimmer to it. I much prefer this as it means the end result is a lot more subtle. More ‘lit from within’ than ‘disco ball extravaganza’.

£19.50 here

So Susan Highlighting Pencil

I got this in one of the Pink Parcel boxes and it’s such a gem of a beauty product! I love using a nude pink pencil on my water line and this one is the perfect formula and colour. It glides onto my waterline and once applied really helps to brighten up my eyes, making me look much more alive and awake than I probably am.

£15 here

KNOW Cosmetics No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer

KNOW Cosmetics No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer – Wow*

One of the newest additions to my makeup collection, this has shot right into my favourites because, well, it’s BLOODY AMAZING. I apply this in a semi-circle under my eyes, pat it in using my index finger and boom, the dark circles have pretty much disappeared. I’ve struggled with dark circles for so long, so to have a product that works so well at combatting them is amazing. Covering my dark circles also makes a dramatic difference to how awake I look, helping me to cheat that healthy glow.

£15 here

Healthy glow makeup look DippyWrites

And here’s the finished result! I hope you have enjoyed reading about how I cheat my healthy glow, please do let me know your favourite products for natural makeup looks.

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