Five essentials for a cosy night in…

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Cosy nights in…

When the weather’s sub-zero outside and you’re fully committed to Dry January (well, at least trying to be committed to it) there’s nothing better than a cosy night in.

If, like me, you struggle to relax and switch your brain off in the evenings, then these five essentials should really help to prevent you from endlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, getting stir crazy or succumbing to FOMO after spotting the round of shots your friend just bought on Snapchat…

Reading material

I’ve recently enforced a no screens after 9pm rule and so I’ve been doing a lot (A LOT) more reading. When I’m settling down for a night in, I love flicking through a couple of my favourite magazines and Marie Claire, Vogue, Suitcase and Blogosphere are jut some of my favourites to browse.


A night in just isn’t complete without something to snack on, and I have a serious soft spot for chocolate! Having a mini bowl of snacks to hand is such a nice indulgent treat, especially after a week full of healthy eating (or at least trying to!) I also have a soft spot for Pringles, and may, or may not, be shovelling them into my mouth at an alarming rate as I write this…


Something about having a candle burning makes me feel just that little bit more cosy. I seem to have built up quite the collection recently (I did get six for Christmas, from various people) so I’m steadily making my way through them by burning one for a few hours every night. My favourite right now is the Ritual of Light candle, it’s a combination of spices and orange which is simply divine.


I haven’t updated my pyjama drawer for literally years, so yesterday I treated myself to a couple of new pairs from Primark, including the set above! Having some new, matching sets is such a nice treat and really helps to make a night in feel special and more like an occasion.

Face masks

Finally, I can’t resist popping on a face mask if I’m having a cosy night in. I like to go for one of two options – a simple sheet mask, or a combination of a couple of masks that tackle different problems. If I’m going for the latter, I’ll pop a pore clearing mask* (like the one above) on my nose and something hydrating/brightening* on the rest of my face.

*PR Samples