Let’s talk about dental hygiene

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Dental Hygiene

It’s a sexy topic isn’t it? Dental hygiene? Ok, who am I kidding it’s not exactly the most exciting topic, but it’s definitely an important one.

I’ve always been aware of how bad and sensitive my teeth can be, I’ve had my fair few fillings over the years, and therefore I like to make sure I take really good care of my teeth by flossing, brushing them and using mouthwash every morning and evening.

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Keeping up a good dental routine

Of course, while I’m at home I make sure I floss twice a day and brush using an electoronic toothbrush. I also like to use mouthwash twice a day, although I do sometimes get a bit lax with this every once in a while.

When I’m away, I do find it a bit trickier to keep to this routine, so I switch to a standard brush that I can easily carry with me and typically only brush instead of doing a full routine. That way, it makes things a lot easier while I’m travelling without compromising my dental hygiene. If I know I’m going to be away for more than 2-3 days I’ll take some floss and a mini mouthwash with me to keep everything in tip top condition!

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Visits to the dentist

Of course, sticking to a good dental routine isn’t all I do to keep my teeth healthy, I also make sure I visit the dentist 1-2 times a year. Now, this isn’t something I’ve always done (don’t know about you, but I’m kind of scared of the dentist) but it’s something I’m going to stick to from now on.

I’ve had some really bad experiences with dentists, specifically hygienists who have made me feel really uncomfortable. In one case, the hygienist I had an appointment with prodded my gums with a metal implement repeatedly until they bled then told me I was awful at looking after my teeth, which wasn’t exactly helpful.

Luckily, I’ve now found a new place to go where I feel really comfortable and happy. I visited Smilepod in Soho for a quick high gloss diamond polish treatment* and left with squeaky clean teeth! The woman performing my treatment was honestly lovely, and left me feeling happy and comfortable throughout and after my treatment.

There was no condescending tone, no prodding my gums and no telling me I’m an awful person, which I really appreciated. I’m definitely going to go back soon for another treatment, probably in six months time.

Dental hygiene may not be the most attractive or appealing topic, but it really is an important one and something I care about!

If you’re London-based and looking for a new hygienist to visit, I suggest you check out Smilepod and the services they offer.

‚ÄĘComplimentary treatment