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Flatlay goals

Have you ever seen a more perfect collection of cakes and coffee?!

Since moving to Fulham, I’ve made it my mission to hunt down the best (and most Instagrammable) coffee spots in West London. I’ve seen Peggy Porschen allll over Instagram recently so couldn’t wait to head down there for a sugar-filled afternoon tea this week.

As you can see, their cupcakes are seriously pretty and the strawberry and champagne ones are a delicious combination of vanilla sponge, strawberry jam and Marc de Champagne & cream cheese frosting. I can confirm that shortly after this set of photos was taken all of the cupcakes were quickly devoured by myself and Freya.

Natural beauty

I think it’s worth saying I did zero photoshopping to these photos, which is impressive as I usually can’t resist giving my skin a little bit of a touch up!

I’ve been really into the ‘natural beauty’ look recently, and on Sunday I just applied concealer to any areas of redness, set it with powder, applied some gel liner and mascara – that’s it.

I usually go all out with makeup if I know I’m planning to take photos, but I’m pleased I made a change this time and I actually think my skin looks better without the heavy makeup.

The outfit details

This is probably one of my favourite outfits right now, I just wish it was warm enough to wear it without having to throw a jumper, scarf, gloves and coat over the top!

The dress was a complete bargain in the River Island sale, at just £15, and the boots were a Christmas present I picked up while I was in Germany visiting family. These boots go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe, and therefore I’ve been practically living in them this past month.

Dress – River Island (here)

Boots – Vagabond (similar here)

Rings – Chupi & Merci Maman