Falling in love with BARREtoned

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Let me introduce you to BARREtoned…

Blogging has given me the opportunity to do a whole host of amazing things – from attending exclusive product launches, to enjoying unique events, to having lots of complimentary treatments (that I am eternally grateful for, my hair and nails have never looked so good…)

One of the more exciting things I’ve experienced recently is an introduction to BARREtoned in the form of a month long membership*. I’ve seen so much about BARRE classes recently, so when I got the chance to try some out for myself I really couldn’t say no!

BARREtoned are based in Notting Hill, and they offer lots of morning, daytime and evening classes across the week at their gorgeous studios. As you can see above, the studio is light and airy, which really helps when you’re trying to focus on the tricky moves.

I’ve had six classes since I started, and I thought now would be the perfect time to share my experiences and what I’ve learnt from the classes.

BARREtoned ballet exercise in studio

The first class

I remember feeling so nervous when I arrived for my first class on a cold Tuesday morning. Would I be able to keep up with everyone else? What if I did something embarrassing? What if I just didn’t get it?!

The first class was a whirlwind of new moves and sequences, but the instructor was brilliant at checking in with me and correcting me when I was doing it wrong.

One thing I loved about the class was that she would use our names to correct us, and even come over to move us if we were confused. For some people, this might be a bit much but I was really keen to get the moves right and get the most out of each class, so it suited me really well.

To be honest, I struggled with the first class, I couldn’t hold all of the poses but this just made me determined to keep going¬†back and eventually perfect the moves.

BARREtoned leg stretch demo

Building strength and flexibility

If there’s one key thing I’ve noticed since I started at BARREtoned, it’s that my flexibility and strength have definitely improved. Where I was first struggling to hold the moves, I find myself correcting my own form and holding each pose for longer. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my flexibility, I can reach a bit further and pull my leg a bit higher each time, which I really love!

The routine varies depending on which instructor you have, but I actually enjoy that because it means I can enjoy attempting some new moves while also perfecting the basics.

I attended classes by a variety of instructors, and they each brought something new. It was nice to get to know each of them, and their styles of teaching, a bit better as the weeks went on.

If you’re thinking of trying out some BARRE classes soon, make sure you check out BARREtoned and the amazing classes they offer!