The ‘blogger burnout’ – Falling out of love with blogging

falling out of love blogging

I don’t love my blog anymore. There, I said it.

After six years of on and off writing a blog, I don’t feel excited about it anymore. Planning blog content, taking photos and writing posts used to be all I thought about, but over the past few weeks things have started to change.

For the first time, in a long time, I don’t have anything to blog about, and I have no motivation to brainstorm ideas. I’ve been a lot more focused on spending time with my friends and family recently, and taking a step back from the online world has really helped me to switch off and actually ‘live in the moment’ *vomits in mouth at how cringe that phrase is*

I’m sleeping deeper, I’m working out more, I’m becoming less and less obsessed with the popularity statistics that come hand in hand with blogging.

I think there’s a few reasons why I’ve fallen out of love with blogging, and here are three of them:

Negativity in the blogosphere

I’ve seen a lot of this recently, and honestly? It’s depressing to see so many of the people I’ve followed from day one throw other people under the bus (via subtweet, obviously), complain about trivial things and make other bloggers feel bad about the way they use social media and blogging platforms.

I’m honestly so sick of it. Every time I open Twitter, there’s somebody else complaining about the Instagram bots or bitching about fellow bloggers. I just don’t understand it. When I started blogging, most people were in it for the community, we were blogging simply because we enjoyed creating our own content, on our own terms, and the friends we made via social media were a happy coincidence.

I’ve made some firm friends through blogging, I actually live with a couple of girls I met through blogging, but it seems the motivation of most bloggers has changed now. It’s no longer about being creative together, it’s about keeping up with the follower count of your peers and getting the best opportunities.

I’m sure there’s still some bloggers out there that are in it purely for the community, but they’re not the people on my feed, so for now I think I would rather take a step back from it all.


I can’t compete

Honestly, my blog is nothing special. It started as a beauty blog, in an already saturated environment, and now it’s a melting pot of all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle….like 80% of the blogosphere. There are so many incredible bloggers out there, and I just now what I’m creating doesn’t compete.

It’s hard to keep blogging for myself when I feel so much pressure to keep up with everyone else’s stats. I might have originally started my blog for me, but recently I’ve been  sucked into the numbers game. Especially when it comes to Instagram, but that’s another kettle of fish!

I wish I had the ability to create high quality, unique content but I just don’t. It’s a struggle to stick to my three posts a week around my full-time job, Instagramming and working out. Once I fit in spending time with my friends and family, there’s no time to shoot photos and write posts.

Not only that, but I simply don’t have the budget to blog! Living in London is incredibly expensive, and right now I value a meal with people I care about far more than a new outfit I can feature on my blog.

I read blogs for inspiration – whether that’s for where to travel next, which beauty products I must try or where I should shop for that perfect, cosy jumper. I just don’t think my blog is that inspiring. I think I need to take a break and think about where I want to take it next, or if I want to say goodbye for good.

I love other bloggers content, I just don’t want to create my own

I guess this follows on from what I was saying previously. I love reading blogs and watching YouTube videos, I always have and I always will. I think there’s some truly amazing bloggers out there creating beautiful, unique content and I will continue to enjoy it.

Right now, I think my time would be better spent enjoying other people’s blogs and engaging with them. I guess I want to take the role of a ‘blogging cheerleader’, celebrating other people’s work instead of creating my own.

So for now that’s where I am. I’m taking the pressure off when it come to blogging. Maybe I’ll post on here as and when I feel like it, but I’m not going to pressure myself into a schedule and goals.

I’m still going to post regularly on Instagram, it feels like a more chilled out version of blogging to me, where I can post daily without having to write over 300 words or tweak my posts for SEO.

I’m curious, is anyone else feeling the way I am? Does anyone else feel ‘blogger burnout’ right now?