3 ways to fragrance your home this spring

spring room fragrance

Spring and summer fragrances

Now that the weather is FINALLY starting to pick up (although we still have the odd cold or rainy days) I thought it was about time to share my three favourite ways to keep my room fragranced and some of my tips for keeping your home smelling fresh throughout spring and summer.

I love burning candles in my room but, while I’ll definitely keep doing that through the warmer months, it’s sometimes nice to switch it up a bit and go for something a bit fresher. When I’m not burning candles, I like to go for a reed diffuser or room spray, read on below for my picks and tips for how to use each…

the english soap company summer rose candle


If you’re going to burn candles in spring and summer, I would recommend going for a light, fresh scent. I tend to go for floral, linen or coastal scents as I find these are perfect for freshening up my room. I would also recommend going for a soy candle, like the one above, as I find these burn a lot cleaner than others.

Pairfum spa room perfume

Room perfumes

Using a room spray is probably the quickest and easiest way to fragrance your room. I tend to do this just before I leave for a weekend away to keep my room fresh for when I get back. Again, I tend to go for something quite light and fresh – this Spa spray is perfect because the fragrance is really subtle.

reed diffuser cedar noir pairfum

Reed Diffusers

Finally, we have reed diffusers which are a far more concentrated hit of fragrance than room sprays but far lighter than a candle feels. This Cedar Noir fragrance is delicious, it’s woody and intense and I love it! When it comes to reed diffusers, I would recommend going for something with as little alcohol in it as possible as the more alcohol there is, the quicker it will run out. This one should last me a good 3-4 months which is perfect.