Say hello to the Little Bold Dress

Matalan Little Bold Dress pastel blue

The Little Bold Dress

If you’re anything like me, you’re the type of person who lusts after everyone else’s pastel and colour-filled wardrobes while also spending the majority of your life living in various shades of black and grey. Recently my wardrobe’s been feeling a bit meh, so when Matalan gave me the chance to style up some colourful Spring/Summer pieces, I couldn’t resist the chance to treat myself to a beautiful pastel dress, which will now be referred to as the Little Bold Dress.

If you’re not used to wearing colour, the idea of wearing a bold dress is probably quite scary, so option for something in a pastel hue is the perfect way to ease yourself into it. I’ve kept the rest of the accessories neutral-toned so the dress really takes centre stage.  If you want a full run down on where everything in this outfit is from, scroll to the bottom of this post. And don’t forget to check out the Matalan dresses for some S/S inspiration!

Rose gold jewellery accessories

Sunglasses and earrings

These sunglasses were a total steal from Primark at just £4! I’m just a bit obsessed with copper and rose gold tones right now and these are such a beautiful shade I’ve been wearing them at every opportunity possible (aka. whenever the sun even hints at making an appearance).

These earrings are oversized teardrop shaped hoops and I think they’re absolutely beautiful. They’re actually quite subtle, and the rose gold colour means they go with basically every outfit I could think of. These are also just £4, what a total steal!

Matalan pastel blue mini dress

The Little Bold Dress

Now onto the main event, this gorgeous powder blue dress that I really can’t get enough of! I’ve had so many compliments on this since wearing it and sharing it on my Instagram account, I’m sure it’s going to become a staple of my Summer wardrobe. Usually I would think this is too formal to wear during the day, but actually styled with black ankle boots and a leather jacket it looks really cool. This is £45, I’ve paid a lot more for a statement dress, so it’s pretty reasonable to me.

Matalan Chloe dupe large bag

Bag and watch

This bag is such a bargain, I just had to include it in this blog post! As you can see, this is a pretty similar design to the Chloe bags, so perfect for if you want to get the look for less. It’s just £16 and I’m sure I’m going to get non-stop wear out of it (pretty much until it falls apart).

The watch you can see in this post is from Johnny Loves Rosie and I’ve been wearing it ever since I received it. The black and gold design means it really is a classic piece, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. At £35 it’s also really reasonably priced, especially if you wear it everyday like I do.

Matalan grey tube suede heels


Finally, we have the heels. I tend to stick to black shoes because they go with everything, but these grey beauties had to be mine and they go really well with the pastel blues of the dress. Their height is also perfect for me, not too high but high enough to make my legs look nicer than they usually do!

Outfit details

Dress* – Matalan (here)

Heels* – Matalan (here)

Bag* – Matalan (here)

Earrings* – Matalan (here)

Sunglasses – Primark (not available online)

Watch* – Johnny Loves Rosie (here)