Have I found the perfect tan in a bottle?

skinny tan mousse and cream collection

Introducing: Skinny Tan

I was invited down to a launch event for the Skinny Tan Express Mousse a few weeks ago and was given a full run down on the products, the brand’s ethos and even some products for me to try when I got home. Now, me being me, these were added to my PR sample pile and swiftly forgotten about. I rarely tan, so I’m always hesitant to do it, but I decided to give these a go on Friday and honestly, I’ve fallen in love so I just had to share them over here.

Skinny Tan is made from naturally derived tanning actives, and they claim to be the best for giving you a streak-free finish. I don’t think there’s ever been a time I’ve used self-tanners and not had any streaks, so I was interested to test them on this. All of the products also have a delicious coconut scent which I absolutely love because it reminds me of hot summer holidays.

skinny tan pre tan primer

Pre-Tan Primer*

Exfoliating before you tan is crucial, and this one comes in a pretty geometric print tube. It’s made with crushed walnut shells and is great for buffing your skin and getting it in the perfect condition before tanning. The formula of this isn’t excessively gritty, so instead of feeling like it’s scratching my skin, it really feels like it’s gently buffing away any dead skin cells. This has the same coconut scent as the tanning creams and mousse, and I can’t get enough of it!

£9.99 here

skinny tan express one hour

Express Tanning Mousse*

I used this mousse on Friday evening and I was seriously impressed with the results (you can see them in the photo below). This mousse is super dark out of the tube, which was pretty scary when I was first applying it, but as you work it in it goes to a lovely dark tan shade. I worked this into my skin in circular motions, working my way up from my calves. I left it on for an hour to develop (they recommend an hour for a medium tan, 2-3 hours for a dark tan and overnight for a super dark tan) and once I washed it off I was left with a beautiful honey shade.

As the tan was developing the coconut scent did develop into something more biscuity, but it was quite subtle so didn’t bother me too much. Now, onto the big question: did this streak?! Luckily not! I was seriously impressed by this, there’s some slightly darker patches on my wrists but apart from that I have a completely even colour which I’m really happy with. I’m going to continue to top it up every 2-3 days, who knows, maybe I’ll be brave and leave it on overnight for a super dark tan…

£29.99 here

express tanning mousse results skinny tan ultimate dark seven day tanner

7-Day Tanner*

Now that I’ve tried the Express Mousse (and loved it) I’m tempted to give the 7-Day Tanner I was gifted a go. I have the Ultimate Dark version, so if I do end up using this I’m sure I’m going to be looking super bronzed. This one needs to be left for a minimum of 5 hours, or preferably overnight, so I’m going to wait for a weekend when I have a bit of time to spare to use it.

£19.99 here

*PR Samples