Five ways you can make the blogging community a better place

The blogging community

I’ve been a part of this community for close to five years now, and since first setting up my blog I have made some truly lovely blogging friends (some of which have become some of my best friends too). One of the things I’ve always loved about this community is how positive and supportive it can be, interacting with fellow bloggers always puts me in a good mood and leaves me feeling inspired to create new content.

I like to think I’m quite active in sharing the love within the community. I take the time to comment on people’s Instagram posts and try to be as supportive as I can of my fellow bloggers in as many ways as possible.

As the theme for week three of #TheBlogRace (hosted by Vix and Laila) is ‘kindness’ I thought this post would be the perfect way to share some of the ways that I like to add some positivity to the community and spread a little bit of kindness.

Speak your mind

How often do you read a blog post, or chuckle at a funny tweet, or see a beautiful Instagram picture and not stop to comment on it? I used to be THE WORST at this, and yet I would be disappointed when people didn’t interact with my own content. We all know that a thoughtful comment can put a smile on your face, and make your day instantly better, so making sure you actually share your positive thoughts about the content that others are sharing is the perfect way to share the love.

Now, when I read a brilliant blog post, I will often tweet the blogger to let them know I enjoyed it, or comment on their blog. I’ll also take the time to comment below Instagram pictures I love, especially if the caption really speaks to me or is on an important topic.

It’s all too easy to think something and continue scrolling instead of actively engaging with the content we love. Here’s how I try to action this one on a daily basis:

Don’t engage with drama

No matter how trivial it is. Ask yourself, is it really necessary for me to share my opinion on this? The one, and only, time I’ve tweeted about ‘drama’ was when the behaviour in question was illegal and it was to inform people about it so that they could avoid contributing to the problem. Otherwise, you can bet my mouth is shut. Nothing good comes from ‘drama’ and even if you strongly agree/disagree with one side of it, you really don’t know what struggles the people involved have going on. Your comments can have a much bigger impact on people than you know, so in my opinion it’s really not worth contributing to a negative situation.

I’m much better at being mindful about what I’m putting out into the world now, it might temporarily feel good to vent, but it’s best to keep your rants to a private chat and keep your public feeds as positive/informative as possible.

Here’s some rules I stick to when it comes to ‘drama’:

Support people’s passion projects

This is something I’ve been really focused on in the past year and I always feel good when I do it! So many of us have a side hustle, or a passion project we would love to turn into more than a hobby. I know lots of bloggers who create their own artwork, run events or are freelance photographers and so when I can I like to support them by buying into their passion projects.

I buy tickets, I pay for shoots, I show up to events, I tweet about them, I basically do as much as I can to make their side hustle viable and to attract more people to support them.

Here’s some ways you can support your fellow blogger’s passion projects:

Make your conversations inclusive

I think we all remember the first blogger event we went to, and the nerves that came with it. I have luckily made lots of friends since my first event and now I tend to know one or two people in the room when I go to an event, which makes conversation a lot easier.

Now, if I notice someone on their own, I will try to strike up conversation with them, and introduce them to some other people I know at the event. I know how uncomfortable it can feel to be alone at an event, with no clue how to integrate into the groups already there, so I like to help people out of this situation if I can!

I involve people in a couple of ways:

Share the content you love

Ok I’ll admit, I can get a bit lax when it comes to this one! That said, if I really enjoy someone’s blog post I will try to tweet it out and encourage other’s to read it. Sharing is caring, and it always feels good to do something nice for someone else without being asked to do it.

Blogging isn’t a competition, so there’s really no harm in sharing other’s content alongside your own. I don’t really have any tips for this, apart from tweeting out links to the posts you love!

Phew, this was a long one, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how I like to spread a little kindness throughout the blogging community. Make sure you check out the other #TheBlogRace posts (you can find them under the hashtag on Twitter)!

Photography by Sarah