Why friendship is key to improving your ‘blogger experience’

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My ‘blogger experience’

I’ve probably mentioned it (a lot) on my blog before, but just for the sake of a quick recap, I have been blogging for nearly five years now, on this here website that you’re currently browsing. Lord knows why I’ve been doing it for so long, maybe it’s because there’s something cathartic about tapping away at my keyboard and sharing what I’m passionate about with the world? Who knows.

Anyway…my experience of blogging, and within the community, have varied wildly over the years, from not having a clue about how to speak to fellow bloggers to meeting other bloggers and feeling like a total fraud to finally (thankfully) feeling like I have a place in the community and some genuine, good friends within it.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that my blogger experience, and the amount that I have enjoyed blogging has grown as I’ve made more and more of an effort to befriend fellow bloggers and y’know, be ‘social’ in real life (as well as behind my phone screen).

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Making friends online

So, how exactly do you go about making pals within the blogging community? Well, if I’m really honest, the best friends I’ve made are the ones I have met IRL (sometimes after speaking via Twitter, sometimes not). If you can get to some press events, or even blogger-organised ones, I cannot recommend it enough because just meeting people in person, and being able to talk about a hobby you’re both clearly passionate about, is such an easy way to make new friends.

Life as a 20-something woman living in London can very easily, and very quickly, get very lonely, and before I had good blogger friends, writing my own blog and social media could feel like quite a solitary past time. Attending events, and even just meeting up for a spot of brunch with some fellow bloggers, has made it so much easier to be social.

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Friends that understand what you’re passionate about

Hands up, how many of your non-blogger friends roll their eyes or let out a frustrated sigh every time you ask them to halt tucking into their dinner so you can get a pretty flatlay picture? I know that mine do!

Making friends with fellow bloggers has meant I have people who just ‘get’ it. We can talk for hours about our (many) issues with Instagram, our frustrations with getting our blog content seen and the projects we’re working on that we’re really excited and passionate about. I don’t think my blogger experience would be nearly as enjoyable if I didn’t have people to speak to who understood exactly what I love and hate about the world of blogging.

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Maintaining online friendships

If I’m honest, blogging is probably only 10-15% of my life, so sometimes (when I’m getting lax with my content and more focused on work-related things or my non-blogger friends) it can be easy to spend less and less time with fellow bloggers. However, I’ve found when I get more lax, so does my passion for blogging, so if I want to keep excited about creating content it’s important to make time for socialising within the blogging community.

I make an effort to try to see my blogger friends every month, or every couple of months, and since doing that I’ve definitely noticed my blogging mojo returning.

Making friends with fellow bloggers can seem intimidating, especially when you are new to the community, but if you can meet up with people IRL, I highly recommend doing it.

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