A quick note on knowing your worth (and celebrating your successes)

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Knowing your worth

When I first started writing my blog, I very much saw what I was doing as amateur. It was a combination of poor writing, blurry photos and a complete lack of understanding when it came to social media. Being honest, my blog was a right pile of wank, I have no clue why anyone read it, but I am grateful that they did because it gave me the motivation to make my blog bigger and better.

Fast forward to today, and I feel like my blog has come on leaps and bounds. And although I’ve been working my butt off on this little slice of the internet for a good few years now, it’s only really recently that I’ve started to see the value in what I’m creating.

As a blogger, it’s so important to value what you do, yes, you reading this blog post right now. How often do you look at your content and think ‘bloomin’ hell this is good stuff’? I’m betting it’s not that often, because we’re all so quick to downplay what we do and focus on the flaws.

But you know what? So many of us are killing it right now, it’s time to recognise the value in what we are creating and start considering it more when we work with brands.

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Use ‘no’ liberally

When I first started being contacted by brands, I was so excited to be recognised I would hastily say ‘yes’ before all of the opportunities vanished. However, when I look back on the content I was churning out, well…it wasn’t great. It was quick and simple, there wasn’t much soul to what I was writing and I’m so pleased I’ve brought that back.

I’m now more likely to say ‘no’ to an opportunity than I am to say ‘yes’, and instead of offering everything I have to give, I’ll start with something smaller so that the work I put into collaborations with brands is equal to what they are offering in return.

My blog is valuable, because I invest so much time and money into making it the best it can be, so with that comes a limit on how much content I want to be brand-focused. I would like to think that by limiting the branded content on here, I’m adding value to those of you who read it, you know it’s all organic and led by what I think you’ll want to read, not what’s in my inbox.

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Celebrating your successes

Us Brits really struggle with this one, don’t we? Now, I’m not saying you should go around rubbing every good thing that happens in people’s faces, but I am saying you shouldn’t be afraid to be excited about the successes in your life and you should celebrate them with the people you love (and, you know, celebrate theirs too).

I’ve got a lot better at this, and I’ve gone from counteracting every compliment with a self-depreciating joke to smiling and saying thank you. Acknowledging your successes is a great way to keep that self-worth high, and if/when things do go wrong, you’ll have positives to lean back on.

Sometimes it can be easy to fall into the trap of constantly comparing ourselves to others online, but the problem with this is that it diminishes anything we have achieved as, let’s be real, there’s always someone who has it better.

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Be proud of what you’ve done

When I look back on the past couple of years, I am proud of everything I have done and achieved. The dream of working at a print magazine has come true, as has the one about living in London and having an amazing group of friends around me.

I’ve achieved quite a lot in a short time, if I do say so myself, and the more I recognise that the better I feel about myself and value what I do. I love the content I’m creating and I know I’ll only write what I’m passionate about.

Next time you have a spare moment, jot down a list of things you’re proud of achieving, whether that’s making a mean Bolognese over the weekend or creating some beautiful images. Value what you do, and what you invest your time in!


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