Six skincare tips for WTF weather

skincare picks temperamental weather

Help, my skin is freaking out!

If, like me, you live in the UK then you will be more than familiar with WTF weather and the way it can cause your skin to turn a total 180 from fresh and clear to dull, spotty and well…just a bit meh.

Recently we’ve had such varied weather, and trying to prevent it from having a negative impact on my skin has been tricky, but over the years I have picked up some skincare tips and tricks that have really helped to keep my skin zen when the weather is as indecisive as I am when I’m trying to pick out an outfit (we all know I’m going to go for jeans and a nice top anyway so WHY does it event take so long?! 😂)

So below I have some general advice, as well as some specific product recommendations to test out, of course, if you have any of your own tips and tricks do let me know in the comments (I’m a bit of a skincare nerd so I love learning as much about it as I can!)

Botanics Radiant Youth Night Cream

The evening skincare routine

Ok, so when I get in from a full day at work, the first thing I do is remove all of my makeup and slap some miracle workers on my face. When the weather’s all over the place (I’m talking blazing sun, then fierce winds, then rain kind of weather) I’m even more diligent with my evening skincare routine because I like to use it to calm and hydrate my skin after taking a bit of a battering outside.

Firstly, I’ll use a thick cream cleanser (Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is THE bomb) then I’ll go in with a hydrating night cream to sink in as I sleep. If I’m feeling a little bit extra (which, let’s be real, I am pretty much every evening) I’ll pop on a sheet mask as an extra treat. When I do this I always wake up with soft, radiant skin and I think having a good evening skincare routine really helps to prevent the weather from having a negative impact on my skin.

ARK Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser

Moisturiser is key

I don’t leave my house without putting on a moisturiser, my skin just doesn’t feel the same without it! If the sun is blazing, then I absolutely have to use an SPF, but if it’s a cloudier day (or we’re in the depths of winter) I’m a bit more lax with my SPF and I’ll go for something slightly more hydrating. When it comes to moisturiser, it’s all about your skin type and what it responds well to. I know mine likes all of the moisture and hydration, but yours may prefer something lighter, so follow the formulas you know work for you, but don’t skip it!

Botanics Nourishing Facial Oil

If in doubt, oil

I’m a big fan of using oils on my hair and skin, and honestly since I made them a bigger part of my routine my skin and hair have looked so much better. When I’m not sure what to use on my skin, I always reach for the facial oils and pop 5-6 drops on my face before massaging it in.

Oils have really helped to hydrate my skin without leaving it feeling completely masked by product. If you haven’t used facial oils before, I would ease yourself in, just to make sure they do work for you, and use them sparingly, a little goes a long way.

ESPA Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer

Use mists to keep you refreshed

When the weather is cray, my skin can sometimes begin to feel dry or stressed out throughout the day. That’s when I reach for the facial mists and start spraying them liberally! They really help to quickly refresh my skin and perk it up with minimal effort.

I would always keep a mini one of these in your fridge, because spritzing one on your face when it’s chilled is honestly the most refreshing and hydrating feeling ever.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate Nourishing Moisturiser

The SOS cream

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, the weather does really impact my skin and then one of two things happen – I either break out or I get really dry patches, neither of which I enjoy or am happy about!

When it breaks out, I make sure not to touch the spots and just really pare back my skincare routine, keeping it as simple as possible to give my skin time to recover and fight the spot. Once it’s clearer, I’ll go back to using my super hydrating skincare to keep the dryness at bay.

When it really dries out, I go in with one of my ’emergency creams’. Basically, that tends to be one of my more super hydrating creams that I slap on before bed and leave to work it’s magic.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Use specific serums

One final piece of advice, tailor your serums to your specific skincare needs, and alter them over time to ensure your skincare matches your changing skin! Serums really help to lock in moisture and, personally, I like to use them when my skin is looking a bit flat or dull.

When the weather is all over the place, I will reach for something brightening to help perk my skin up and give it a bit of life back.