Five blogger podcasts you should definitely be listening to

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Blogger podcasts

Over the past year I have slowly but surely become addicted to podcasts. I first dabbled in them when Serial was launched, and everyone was talking about it. From there, I explored lots of different genres – comedy, politics, fiction – and before I knew it I had a library full of brilliant shows to listen to.

More recently, I have found myself listening to more and more blogger-run podcasts, and now that there’s quite a few out there, I thought I would share some of my favourites with you and tell you a bit more about why I love them so much. Each of these is completely different, and offers something unique, which makes them must-listen’s in my book. I’ve mentioned a couple of extra ones at the bottom of this post too (narrowing it down to just five was hard), and if you have any favourites to recommend to me, please do let me know in the comments!

Keeping It Candid This chatty podcast is run by a couple of my favourite blogger babes – Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton. They discuss a variety of trending topics, from bloggers at fashion week to Kylie Jenner and I really enjoy listening to them debate back and forth while I potter away doing household chores or taking blog photos.

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Made Online Of course, I had to feature Made Online in my five favourites because I have been lucky enough to be interviewed for the podcast, which was a really exciting experience. Hayley, also known as London Beauty Queen, hosts this one and quizzes people who have built their careers online during it. My favourite so far has been the interview with Sophie and Hannah, the brilliant minds behind Spectrum Collections.

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keeping it candid blogger podcast

Dirty Mother Pukka This podcast has had me sniggering on my commute one too many times, but it’s so entertaining I can’t resist listening as soon as an episode is up. It’s hosted by Anna and Matt, also known as Mother and Papa Pukka, and in each episode they discuss the good, bad and downright ugly of parenting with some of their close friends. Nothing is taboo, and I love how brutally honest and hilarious it is.

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Hashtag Authentic This is actually the first blogger-run podcast I came across, and I think Sara Tasker (her blog is called Me and Orla) does a fantastic job of hosting it. This is more of an advice-based one and I’ve found it really helpful for picking up tips to improve my Instagram game and blog branding. Sara has some interesting guests on the show as well, which keeps it interesting.

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The Heart Of It This podcast is the new kid on the block, with only three episodes to its name so far, but I’ve already fallen in love with it. Estee Lalonde is the host of this one, and she explores each topic beautifully. Each episode feels like a real journey, with interesting guests who give a unique perspective on each topic.

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A couple of special mentions… I have so many favourites, I had a couple more I just wanted to mention in name. If you’ve looking for some more to add to your podcast library, At Home With… and What She Said are also both worth a listen.