Missing summer already? Playa will give you endless sunshine vibes

Playa botanical haircare products

Summertime hair

I know, summer is well and truly behind us, and as it’s the first of October it’s time to stop thinking about the glorious sunshine we (fleetingly) enjoyed over the summer months and start thinking about cosy nights in and grainy Instagram pictures due to the moody sky.

Well, if like me, you would quite like to keep a hint of summer in your life, you can with these amazing hair products. I tend to think my hair looks a lot better during summer – I’m more likely to wear it natural and it loves lighter summer products that are perfect for styling without over saturating my hair.

Playa have some really lovely product packaging, and luckily the products inside are just as good as you would expect them to be. I have the dry shampoo, endless summer spray and hair oil to share with you today, let me know what you think of them in the comments!

Playa ritual hair oil

Ritual hair oil

I love using oil on my hair, it’s the only thing that will really tame the frizz and keep my curls defined. This ritual hair oil* has a lovely weightless formula to it that sinks into my hair really easily and leaves it feeling amazing. Unfortunately, the pipette doesn’t pick up much product when you use it, which isn’t great for me because I like to use loads each time, but if you use your oils sparingly it might work better for you.


Playa Pure dry shampoo

Pure dry shampoo

When I do occasionally straighten my hair dry shampoo quickly becomes my best friend because it keeps the grease at bay and allows me to put off washing my hair for longer.  This pure dry shampoo* is made with rose powder, which smells lovely and is perfect for absorbing oil. It doesn’t feel gritty in my hair or irritate my scalp so, so far I’m impressed.


Playa Endless summer spray

Endless summer spray

I’m not normally one for texturising sprays, but this endless summer spray* is lovely and subtle so it’s perfect for adding some body back to my hair on day two of wearing my curls natural. It’s not too salty, so again it doesn’t leave my hair feeling gritty or over-texturised, it’s just perfect for adding a subtle kick of texture.


*PR Samples