Why I stopped wearing miniskirts

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The humble miniskirt

Nothing makes me feel more feminine than slipping into a cute miniskirt. Something about wearing one gives my hips a little bit more wiggle and my my feet a slightly lighter step. As much as I love wearing miniskirts, we’ve had a bit of a rocky past. I’ve gone from wearing them to death to being terrified to slip one on to, finally, falling back in love with them.

Of course, anything that puts the pins on show is bound to garner some attention, and it’s the unwanted attention that they command that really poisoned my relationship with them. I resented those who could wear them without a care in the world, wishing I could join in. Luckily, I’ve gained my mini pride back, and they’ve become a staple in my winter wardrobe. I feel like my relationship with miniskirts has gone in three stages, so I thought I would share them with you, I’m sure you can relate!

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Oh gosh, I was OBSESSED with miniskirts when I was at school! They were a staple of my 16-year-old self’s wardrobe and I practically lived in a bodycon black mini and jumper combo. When it came to my school skirt, you can bet I was rolling that bad boy up as much as I could get away with. All the cool girls rolled their skirts and I did it every morning, without fail.

I felt my most comfortable in a miniskirt, it wasn’t something that made me feel overly sexual, it was comfy and made my legs look great, that was it. I guess because all of the girls I was hanging out with were pretty much wearing the same, I didn’t stick out, so I didn’t ever feel anyone’s eyes on me. I felt happy wearing a skirt, in fact, I bloody loved it. But as I grew up, and started venturing out of my safe school bubble, I became more and more uncomfortable with wearing something so ‘revealing’.

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Public transport

Every time I’ve worn a miniskirt on public transport I’ve felt the burning stare of at least one man. It’s suffocating, so much so that I became painfully aware of how short my skirt was, how much leg I was showing and how likely someone was to get a flash of my knickers as I strutted my way up the steps. My miniskirts were quickly abandoned, left unloved at the back of my wardrobe and eventually thrown out and replaced with a love for my more practical skinny jeans.

Throughout my early twenties I have been convinced that miniskirts are just not for me. My curves don’t suit them, making it way too likely that I’ll accidentally flash someone with one slightly too confident stride. I was always envious of anyone who could slip themselves into a miniskirt, I always thought they looked amazing on other people and wished I could find some that suited my body shape and didn’t leave me feeling overexposed.

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And now? I think I’ve broken my miniskirt curse! I went on a recent shopping trip, and thought ‘you know what? f*ck it, I’m trying on all of the miniskirts’. I slipped this wrap-style baby on and it was instant love. I felt feminine, I loved the way it looked and I just didn’t care about the potential stares I would get. No longer am I going to allow what I wear to be dictated by how it makes others feel. The miniskirt is back in full force in my wardrobe and I’m going to start wearing it to death again.