My chronic desire to give the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift

I love gifting, but I have to admit for me it usually turns into an obsessive hunt for THE perfect gift for whoever I am buying for. I’m a perfectionist, and the idea of buying something for someone that they don’t love or, god forbid, even hate makes me cringe so hard I often find myself scouring Amazon, or the shelves of Topshop, for hours desperately trying to find that perfect gift for the person I’m buying for.

So, as you can image, Christmas pretty much breaks me when it comes to perfect gift buying, because I just cannot rest until I’ve found that perfect thing! I have this chronic desire to find something that not only surprises the person I’m buying for, but also is better than all of the rest of the gifts they’ve been given. Honestly, it can take me days, even WEEKS to commit to buying something because I always have that niggling doubt about whether or not what I’m buying really is the best I can do.

Eventually, I do tend to find something I think they will love, but if you think I get some sort of satisfaction from finding that perfect gift, you would be unfortunately wrong. Because once I buy something that I think nails it, the doubt creeps in, and I find myself desperately looking for extra bits and pieces I can add to their gift to make it EVEN better!

When it comes to gifting, I’m the overkill queen, I just cannot stop myself!

Going overboard

So, I’ve found the perfect gift, and It’s sitting on my desk, wrapped and ready to be gifted. But…oh god, what if they’ve JUST bought themselves that?? What if someone else buys it for them? What if they HATE it? I’ll never live it down!

So I start to think about all of the other things I could buy for them, and I come dangerously close to returning what I’ve bought and starting all over again. Or, buying EVEN MORE things to make sure what I’m giving is far beyond generous.

One time, I gave a friend her birthday present (and made her open it) the day before her birthday because I was so convinced she was going to be given it by someone else and I wanted to get in there first, and make sure she loved it as much as I thought she would.

Gift giving is crippling and thrilling in equal measures for me. I love finding that perfect gift, but my relentless desire to get everything absolutely right makes the process quite stressful.

Am I the only one who does this? Or are you an obsessive gifter too?