The perfect wintery night in with Grown Up Robinsons Fruit Creations

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New Robinsons Fruit Creations Crisp Apple Elderflower

The perfect night in

Now that it’s getting dark a lot earlier, I’ve found myself longing for cosy nights in and by the time I get in from work I just can’t wait to crack out the festive films, my favourite snacks and something to sip on. I’ve never been one to do things in half measures, so when I’m having a night in I really do go all out with the cute snacks and drinks!

I think the key to a perfect night in is the food and drink, you need to make sure you’re stocked up on all of your faves before you get stuck into a good film, so I thought I would share with you exactly what I’ve been stocking up on to ensure every night in is delicious.

festive glass drinking jar

Robinsons is all grown up!

Let’s talk about the drinks first, when I’m planning to nibble on lots of sweet treats I don’t want to drink anything too heavy or sugary so hot chocolate is out of the window! Recently, I’ve been reaching for this Robinsons Crisp Apple and Elderflower Fruit Creations which has a delicious, fresh flavour. The Fruit Creations range contains lots of flavours, including Juicy Pear and Blueberry, Delicious Peach and Raspberry and Zesty Orange and Mango and they’ve been created to appeal to a more grown up palette, so they’re perfect for stocking up on for when you fancy something fruity, but not too sugary sweet. Fruit Creations also contain twice the fruit of Robinsons single concentrate and have no added sugar.

Alongside the Fruit Creations range, Robinsons have released some Fruit Cordials (which come in gorgeous glass bottles) and both new collections have been created by flavour experts to make sure they hit that sweet spot of being full of fruity flavour.

 Robinsons fruit creations

Sweet treats

Of course, it wouldn’t be a night in without some sweet treats to snack on! Personally, I’m a popcorn and chocolate girl and there’s nothing better than diving into a bowl of sweet and salt popcorn and truffles. I’m not normally a big fan of biscuits, but these mini gingerbread men had to be added to my snack bowls because they’re so cute and were delicious.

Piling everything onto a breakfast tray is the perfect way to snack while you watch something (especially because it reduces the chances of getting crumbs in your bed). So there you have it, everything for my perfect wintery night in. Let me know what’s key to your night in, and what you think of the new Robinsons ranges, in the comments below!

Robinsons Fruit Creations apple elderflower