I’ve got a feeling…

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That feeling

I’ve felt it a lot recently. You know, the one where you feel like you’re on the edge of something truly great, like your fingertips are just grazing Cloud Nine and any moment now something exciting and epic will be happening to you…

I’m not sure why, but as the final days of 2017 were happening, I had that feeling, and I’ve had it ever since. I’m pretty certain 2018 is going to be a big year for me, and lots of people. I have this anticipation for some truly amazing things to happen, and I just can’t wait to see what they are.

Now, obviously some of you are probably thinking ‘what a load of mystical rubbish’ but can you honestly tell me that you’ve never a sense for what’s to come – good or bad? This rush of excitement has made me so much more creative and productive, and instead of resting on my laurels and waiting for good things to come, I’m channeling the energy into reaching out for more of what I want and creating the things I’ve always dreamed of.

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Seize the day

I wrote recently about how you can get more of what you want and being more proactive in pursuing the goals I do have is something I’m going to really focus on this year. No more ‘I would love to…but I’m not sure I can’ and more of ‘I want it, so it’s going to be mine’.

Case in point is imagery for my blog. I always feel so much better after a professional shoot because I know I’m going to have high quality images I love to use on my blog. But last year you would have found me talking myself out of it because of the expense, how comfortable I feel in front of the camera, how busy my diary already is etc. This year, I’m going to book myself in for at least one shoot per month, so I can keep my blog content fresh and exciting. Yes, it’s a luxury I don’t really need, but it makes me feel happy and helps me to improve my blogging game, so who cares?!

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What about the down days?

Of course, I’m not expecting this excited energy to last long-term, and I know (especially for me) that down days (and feeling low) are just as likely as good ones, but I feel so much more ready to face them in 2018 and use them to keep me well-rested and healthy.

I take down days as my cue to take some time off, away from my blog and social media, and to spend more time with family and resting up. I’ll shut my laptop, and give myself a mini facial, read a book, or go on a trip to the cinema with my dad.

The important thing is that I pace myself, so I can use as much positive energy for my projects without burning out. And I’m determined to get that balance right this year.

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