How I plan and edit my Instagram posts

IG editing before after

Instagram can be a pain in the ass for most of it’s users, so if you’re looking for a way to help your images stand out, I thought I would share the tips and tricks I have picked up over the years! This is, of course, not a foolproof plan for success, just what I’ve found has helped me to make my images better, so I hope you find some of the tips useful too.

Editing your Instagram posts

The first thing I think about when it comes to choosing what to upload to Instagram is how I’m going to edit my images to make them not only stand out, but not look too over-edited. Now, I’ll be the first to admit the image above is probably a bit too overexposed when blown up for my blog, but on Instagram it actually worked really well, and as quite a lot of my images have white space in them, upping the exposure and brightness helped it to slot easily into my feed.

When it comes to the nitty gritty of editing, I only use free applications, and tend to do my first edits on my laptop (just in iPhoto) before airdropping them to my phone and making some final tweaks on the Instagram app itself (which actually comes with some great basic editing tools, like brightness, highlights, shadows and contrast.

Once I’m happy with the image (in the Instagram app hold the image down to see how it looked before edits so you can compare to the changes you have made and how happy you are with them) I write a quick caption before using the Hashtagger tool (also free) to find 30 relevant hashtags I can use in the caption to attract new followers to my content. I then save the post to draft, so when I’m ready to post I can do it immediately.

UNUM screenshot planned feed

Planning your feed

When it comes to planning what I’m going to post and when, UNUM (free) is honestly one of the best apps I have used. Connect to your Instagram account via it and your feed shows up in the grid. Above it will be some blank squares that you can drop images in that you’re planning to post. This is so useful for planning images in advance, because it means you can see how each will look in your feed and if it’s worth moving some stuff around to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

UNUM top monthly posts

Also in the UNUM app you can look at your most popular posts that week, month or of all time, which can be really useful for planning future content! As you can see above, images of me do the best, so I know if I keep the majority my content makeup and outfit photos, it will do well. If you’re not sure what content of your’s performs best, or even if there is something specific that you do that your followers love, this can be an easy and quick way to determine what it as and make more of it.

Setting your upload schedule

I remember when it used to be said that posting three times a day on Instagram was suggested to be the best way to grow your account. Personally, I just cannot do that because I work full-time! So I’ve found deciding on how regularly you are going to upload, and setting a time for each, means my content is more likely to go down well. My set time is 7pm every evening because not only is this a popular time for my posts to do well, it’s when I get in from work and have more time to post and interact on the app.

I have found uploading daily means people know what to expect from me, and when, so set yourself an Instagram schedule that you can easily stick to and you’re more likely to see your following and engagement grow!

That’s it for now from me, if you found this sort of advice post helpful, please do let me know in the comments and I will plan some more.