The secret to thicker, fuller AND longer hair?

Umberto Giannini thicker fuller hair

My quest for thicker, fuller, longer hair

My hair has always been fairly thick and long, but after a few years or regularly dying it crazy colours and lots of heat I think it’s fair to say it’s been looking a bit frazzled recently! Therefore, when Umberto Giannini asked me to take part in a 90 day challenge to see if their products could help me achieve thicker, fuller and longer hair I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

I’ve been using the Thick-Tastic range since October, so now that the 90 days are up I’m excited to share my findings with you and my thoughts on if their products really can make a difference to your hair. Spoiler alert: THEY CAN, although I wouldn’t say they deliver on all of their claims.

Umberto Giannini thick tastic haircare range

The products

Thick-Tastic Thickening Shampoo – This stuff smells delicious, and if you have long hair like me a bottle will last you around 1.5-2 months which is fairly good. When I used it with the conditioner, the scent lingered on my hair all day, which was lovely.


Thick-Tastic Strengthening Conditioner – Same lovely scent as the shampoo, but weirdly this has an almost PVA glue feel to it which took some getting used to! That said, it left my hair feeling super smooth and paired with the shampoo had my hair in great condition.


Thick-Tastic Thicker Fuller Hair Tonic – I used this every time I washed my hair and it was easy to spray into my hair and work in. In combination with the shampoo and conditioner this really did seem to help thicken up my hair.


No More Messy Break Ups Split Ends Cream – This, as far as I’m concerned, is a dud. After using it for a couple of months, I had to have the ends of my hair cut because the split ends were so bad, so this definitely didn’t help to minimise them! Love the other three products, this one can definitely be skipped.


Thicker hair results Umberto Giannini

The results

So after 90 days of using these products, which results did I notice? Well, interestingly, a couple of people commented on my hair looking thicker around two months into me using these products. I would definitely agree using them over a few months does encourage your hair to thicken up but…I really don’t think they help it to grow any longer. And they definitely don’t help when it comes to split ends.

So, if you’re looking to thicken up (and strengthen) your hair, definitely give these a go and commit to a few months use to see some real results. But, if you’re more interested in growing your hair, I think your money is better spent elsewhere.