Be the creativity you want to see in the world

Creativity is queen

Imagine a world without creativity. A bland, beige stream of same old. Sounds pretty boring (and gross) doesn’t it? When it comes to creativity, it’s not something I’ve always felt I had, but when I look back there were flickers of it in everything I did! I was the child who sat indoors while everyone else was outside climbing trees and fighting monsters. I was drawing my own cartoon strips and writing out my own news stories (with outrageous headlines and illustrations to go with them). One particularly long summer I even painstakingly made my own ‘design portfolio’ full to the brim with dress designs pulled from all corners of my mind.

I might have sucked at art (REALLY sucked, my still life drawings were actually embarrassing) but I had such a burning desire to create and just make things, it’s really no surprise I’ve found myself forging a career in the world of print journalism!

When it comes to blogging, and especially the required imagery that comes with it, it can feel so overwhelming to even begin to do something ‘different’. After a full-on work week, getting the coloured paper and glitter out to create something magical in the only free hour you have over the weekend seems just a bit…well…daunting.

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Same old, same old

I’ve, as I’m sure some of you have, frequently found myself following blogging trends, and publishing easy to produce, universally appealing content. Think plain beauty product flatlays (on an artificial marble surface) that most definitely get lost in the stream of constant content on people’s feeds. But…when I think of the blog content I LOVE and hungrily digest, it’s always the things that catch my eye and are impressively creative. Whether it’s a unique perspective on pop culture, a stunning makeup look or vibrant outfit, I crave creativity in other people’s content.

So why do I struggle to be more creative over here? What holds me back? I think it’s the fear of failure. The fear we’ll try something new and make a total arse out of ourselves. That we’ll be mocked for trying something different, that we’ll take a creative leap and be ignored.

But honestly, I think if we want to see creativity in our own online bubbles, we have to be that creativity ourselves. The more I stretch my own abilities and ideas, the more unique content I find myself stumbling across. I seek out more and more, and in turn the new accounts I find spur me on and encourage me to try new and different things.

Be the change

So this year I’ve made a bit of a vow to myself to be the change I want to see in the blogging world. I want MORE. I want more creativity, uniqueness, nerve and talent. I want to scroll through my Twitter and Instagram feeds and find myself squealing with delight at the absolutely bomb content everyone is creating.

So, stay tuned for some exciting things on this little corner of the internet. I’m going to try to do as many shoots as I can, in as many cool and unique places I can. And I’m going to be the creativity I want to see in the world.