Florals? For Spring? | My updated fragrance wardrobe

floral fragrance update

A fragrance wardrobe update

I love switching up the fragrances I wear as the seasons change, and as we were blessed with some beautiful sunshine this weekend (although it was still bitterly cold!) I thought it was about time I rotated my fragrance wardrobe and stocked up on some new, fresh, floral scents.

I’ve added two new perfumes to my fragrance wardrobe over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I would share the two newbies on the block with you today and tell you exactly what I love about each of them. They’re both very fresh scents (which give me an instant boost in the morning) and are floral-based, which I love in Spring as they’re so delicate and light.

L.K. Bennett Signature perfume

L.K. Bennett Signature

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of this perfume, and after having a quick sniff of it during the event I fell in love and just could not wait to wear it myself! It’s a very interesting and unique scent – it took me three or four smells to determine what I really thought of it – and I really love the citrus, pepper and jasmine notes that make it so different from anything else I’ve smelt.

This is initially a spicy, citrus scent, but the middle notes are distinctively floral and the base notes are woody so it really does wear differently throughout the day and over time.

£35 for 30ml

Zara Laboratori Di Saponi In Roma 

Zara Laboratori Di Saponi In Roma

I’ve been a big fan of Zara perfumes for a few years now, and when I was recently in my local shop browsing the rails I found myself in the perfume section and popping this in my basket after initially falling in love with the cute pouch it came in and giving it a sniff.

Similarly to the L.K Bennett Signature perfume, this is also a combination of spicy and floral and contains notes of Lemon, Rose, Dry Amber and Cedar. I’ll definitely be spritzing this one liberally over the next few months, and as it’s 100ml I’m sure it’s going to last me for a fairly long time!

£12.99 for 100ml