Why I’m embracing a more feminine wardrobe

Nasty Gal feminine style

Feminine style

When I was younger I desperately wanted to be feminine. I idolised Disney princesses, I wanted to twirl around in pretty, delicate dresses like they did but in reality I didn’t feel like that was a role I could play. I had a slender frame when I was younger, but I was far from feminine, pretty or delicate. I had wild, frizzy hair and my mum loved to dress me in dungarees and encourage me to take part in the same activities as my brothers.

As I grew older, and taller, and broader, I felt less and less feminine. I envied 5ft2, slender girls in my year at school. I wished I could look as good in an elegant dress as other women did. I wanted to be an Audrey Hepburn but I felt like more of a Pippi Longstocking.

After uni, and basically living in either leggings and jumpers or jeans and a nice top, I found myself favouring high waisted jeans, jumpers and coats. Basically, anything that was comfortable to wear, and unlikely to attract unwanted attention but…that’s not really me, or my style, and I found myself (once again) craving something more feminine in my wardrobe.

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Wearing what I want, when I want

I’ve made a bit of a resolution for 2018 – to wear what I want, when I want. Feeling some killer heels at 9am on a Monday morning? I’m going to rock them (with some plasters in my handbag because I ALWAYS get blisters when wearing new heels). Fancy wearing a pretty pastel metallic dress to brunch? I’m bloody doing it, and I don’t care who stares at me like I’m absolutely mental because I feel like me.

Dressing yourself can feel really liberating sometimes, and I want to stop dressing for the rest of the world and start dressing for me. The only person preventing me from embracing my inner Disney princess is me. Sure, people may stare if I look ridiculously dressed up for a mid-week brunch, but do I really care about their opinions? Not really…

The dress in this post is something that, even a year ago, I would not have dared add to my shopping basket, but honestly I love it so much and it feels so me I instantly smile every time I zip it up and head out the door. What we wear should make us feel good, it should mean we leave our house with our heads held high, rather than with our arms folded and our eyes to the ground. So expect to see lots more feminine pieces on here in the future.

Do you feel like you really embrace your personal style? Or is it something you hope to be more confident with in the future?

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