Making the most of it

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Maximising each moment

When I was growing up, one of the lessons I was taught was to make the most of every opportunity and experience that came my way. Working full-time at a magazine and blogging on the side (as well has having a few friends who also have very interesting/cool jobs) means I get invited to some pretty amazing things, but the more amazing your lifestyle becomes the easier it is to take the experiences you have for granted and stop appreciating the little things.

Switching my focus

As your blog grows, and events become more and more routine for you, the excitement of receiving that invite in your inbox begins to fade. It can even get to the point where unless it’s something truly unique and amazing, it just doesn’t seem worth it. Personally, I’ve definitely found myself getting into that position in the past, but I don’t think it’s a good place to be (especially as a blogger). It means you have high expectations for every event, and every day, and you can easily become so focused on what you gain from something, rather than what you can provide.

So recently, I’ve become more focused on making the most of every moment, soaking up the company I’m in and really enjoying the amazing things I get to do. From brand run workshops where I get to learn (in lots of detail) about why and how they make their products, to meeting up with a few blogger pals for brunch and a catch up, I don’t think about what I have to gain from everything I do. Instead,  I focus on how much I’m going to enjoy the company of my friends, or what I can learn about the beauty industry from making the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

Making the most of it

Giving all of my energy and attention to every moment means I really enjoy the experiences I’m lucky to have, and take the time to appreciate them a lot more. I also make sure I document as much as I can, so when I (inevitably) get old and wrinkly I’ll have a whole album of of photos and videos to look back on and reminisce about.

Do you consciously make the most of every experience and event? How do you like to document what you get up to? 

Aubaine Marylebone balloons outfit photoshoot


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