Shot it, shape it, strobe it – multi-priming, foundation sticks and highlighters from L’Oreal

Shot it, shape it, strobe it

A couple of weeks ago I went to a super exciting event, it was hosted by L’Oreal and was an introduction to a whole host of new products coming our way from them. After such an exciting event, I could not WAIT to get stuck into the products to see what I thought. I’ve put a large amount of them to the test, so today I thought I would share my thoughts on each (what I love and what I’m not as bothered about) and explain how I’ve used them…

L'Oreal Infallible primer shots multi priming L'Oreal primer shots

Shot it

L’Oreal have released five new primers, and while I absolutely love some, I’m not so keen on others.

Pore refining primer – This one is my favourite of the bunch, purely because it creates such a lovely smooth surface to apply makeup on top of! It’s a thicker formula than the rest, which I have to admit I prefer as it really feels like it locks foundation in place.

Anti fatigue primer – This is one I’ve been dabbing under my eyes and I think it’s great for masking dark circles! The formula is quite watery, but nothing that’s too difficult to work with.

Mattifying primer – This is one for those of you who aren’t such a huge fan of super glowy bases. Personally, I prefer the pore refining primer, but I’ll be reaching for this when I’m feeling a bit too shiny.

Luminizing primer – Boy is this shimmery, definitely not one I would use all over but it’s great for adding to the cheekbones for a bit of extra glow! I also think it would work great as a liquid highlighter over the top of foundation.

Anti redness primer – I wanted to love this…but I really didn’t. It’s a really bright green, which I found tricky to blend and the formula is really watery so it’s hard to get an even coverage before applying your foundation on top.

£8.99 each

L'Oreal Infallible foundation shaping sticks L'Oreal Infallible stick blushers shape it

Shape it

Since the event, I’ve heard a couple of people raving about the foundation sticks so I was really excited to try them out for myself! Unfortunately, I don’t think they work well with the more watery primers (probably because they have a cream formula) but with a mattifying primer (or the pore refining one) they do give a really lovely natural finish that lasts all day. If, like me, you’re pretty pale, you can also pick up sticks that are a few shades darker than your shade and use them to really add some definition and shape to your face. I haven’t experimented with this yet, but I’m excited to see what results I get when I do.

There are also two new blusher sticks – Nude In Rose and Sexy Flush. Sexy Flush is the baby pink shade while Nude In Rose is a warmer, darker pink. Personally, I really love these and they’re super easy to swipe across your cheeks and pat in.

£8.99 each

My Jewels Frozen highlighter sticks Applying L'Oreal Slay Rose highlighter stick

Strobe it

Finally, we have four new highlighter sticks – Frozen (holographic white), Slay Rose (icy baby pink), Gold Cold (gold) and My Jewels (icy nude pink). I love the variation in highlighter shades included in this, I probably won’t reach for Frozen or Gold Cold as often, but they will be useful for when I’m going for a more creative makeup look! Like the blusher sticks, these are super easy to swipe on and blend out, so I really rate them. In fact, I think these will be perfect for festival season when you need something that’s easy to transport and apply on the go.

£8.99 each

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