Why I’m breaking my style rules

Nasty Gal orange dress

The style rules

As I’ve grown into my own sense of style over the years, and discovered what works (and what REALLY doesn’t) for my body shape and tastes I’ve built up a little personal book of style rules to follow and it goes a bit like this (feel free to sing along Dua Lipa-style):

  1. Always opt for cool tones (blues, purples, baby pinks) they suit you best
  2. Don’t wear anything too low cut, nobody wants to see an accidental nipple on their morning commute
  3. Avoid ‘granny prints’
  4. Go for simple pieces that will be easy to slot into your (already bulging) wardrobe, otherwise you probably won’t wear it

So…I think it’s fair to say my rule book has been pretty much ripped up with this new ensemble. The dress is orange (ORANGE, a colour I have point blank refused to even try on before because I despise it so much), the print wouldn’t look out of place in your granny’s flat and it’s low cut, so low cut that we are at immediate risk of a nip slip.

Warm glowing spring makeup look Nasty Gal orange floral dress spring

Breaking the rules

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, filling your wardrobe (and living space) with safe, easy choices that you know will work with what you’ve already got, but sometimes it’s much more fun (and much more rewarding) to take a risk. Style and fashion should always feel fun, so although I have my rule book, sometimes I like to break those rules with reckless abandon and go for something I would usually avoid.

Luckily, I think this style risk has paid off because I bloomin love this dress and it’s perfect for spring! Yes, it’s low cut, but the long sleeves and skirt length mean it’s not too outrageous and I think the orange colour and red and purple print give my complexion some warmth. Of course, I’m not ripping up the rule book and discarding of it for good (millennial pink is still my absolute favourite colour to buy items in 😍) but maybe, occasionally, I’ll turn a blind eye to the rules and try something different.

Style rules broken photoshoot


  • Dress – Nasty Gal* (here)
  • Boots – Just Fab*
  • Photography by Sarah 

*PR Samples