Why it’s sometimes good to believe your own hype

Believing your own hype

Us Brits aren’t great at bigging ourselves up, are we? I feel much more comfortable celebrating the successes of others, and raving about the content that they produce, than I do my own. Sure, I’ll do the standard blog promotion that everyone does, but when it comes to giving myself a pat on the back for achievements or highlighting a blog post I’m really proud of I always worry that I’ll come across as braggy and egotistical for rating myself so much.

A big part of my job is focused on finding talented, unique people online and featuring them in the pages of Blogosphere. I love seeing people’s reactions to being featured, and I’ve found so many amazing bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers through the magazine’s sections. Of course, like a lot of other bloggers, I always thought it would be a total dream for my own blog to be featured in the pages of the magazine I work for. But…honestly I didn’t feel like my content was good enough to compete, and even when I was excited about the content I was creating, I worried if I was picked to be featured people would immediately chalk it up to my job at the magazine.

So, when Vix asked if she could feature my blog in her lifestyle section for issue 16 my initial thought was ‘no, we should be focused on featuring other bloggers, not me’ But, why not me?

Stop blocking your own success

I’ve always seen my blog as a hobby. It’s never been something I’ve been committed to making my full-time hustle, so in a way I think this means I can be quick to limit its success and attention drawn to it. I’m incredibly proud of everything I’ve written on here over the past five years, I’ve changed so much in that time and I think you can see my growth reflected in the content I’ve shared.

I think it’s time I believed a bit of my own hype, and allowed my blog to be front and centre just as much as I allow my job to be. Of course, I’m not talking about going totally OTT here, nobody likes an egotistical maniac that sees themselves as above everyone else. I’m talking about recognising when I’ve worked hard on something, and sharing the things I am proud of, just as a lot of other bloggers do.

From now on I’m going to make more of an effort to put myself forwards for opportunities and to say when I’m proud of what I’ve created. Do you find it hard to believe your own hype? I would love to know your thoughts!

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