Five things I do to blog productively

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Blogging Productively

When it comes to staying on top of my blog content, sometimes I’m bossing it and sometimes…well, let’s just say the motivation is more than lacking. As much as I love my blog, and everything that comes with it, when the rest of my life gets busy it’s the first thing I drop the ball on.

That said, I’ve come up with a (sort of) plan that keeps me more on track and, not only that, but also keeps me feeling excited and motivated by the content I am creating and sharing on this lil’ slice of the internet.

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1. Re-work old ideas and inspiration

When I’m feeling stuck for ideas, and staring at a blank draft post, I delve back into my saved brainstorming notes and see if there’s anything there that can be re-worked or provide inspiration for a new perspective. For example, I had a note jotted down about productivity and blogging, so when I had these fab photos to share (shot by the babe that is MariaJ) I had a concept already half baked that would work well alongside them!

I love reading posts about how we can all work smarter, and better, so re-freshing the ‘productivity and blogging’ idea was a no brainer!

2. If it’s not working, it’s not working

It’s tempting to sit at your desk, willing an idea to form as your fingers twitch nervously over your keyboard but…from my own personal experience trying to force an idea never works. In fact, my mind gets blanker and blanker the more I will it to come up with something, anything, worth sharing!

The best thing you can do in these situations is call it quits, and do something completely different. I often find my best ideas come in the shower, or on a long walk, when I shut off from social media and allow my mind to wander.

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3. Float your ideas with others

Sometimes, when I have a half-formed idea for a blog post I’ll mention it to my friends (bloggers and non-bloggers) to see if they think it’s a good idea. If they’re as excited about it as I am, it gets written. If not, we usually discuss it, and naturally come to a re-worked version of the original idea that is far superior. I find running ideas past others is the best way to keep my brain mulling over ideas, so that what I’m creating is the best it can be.

4. Brainstorming and mindmaps

Both of those words immediately make me think of school. I have immediate flashbacks to mindmaps on the impact of WW2 on Britain and colour coordinated notes on the different types of volcanoes…That said, when it comes to blogging productively I always find a hefty brainstorming session can be all I need to generate lots of ideas of the next few weeks of content. And, I have to admit, when I do commit to a little brainstorming session I feel so much more on top of my content and therefore enjoy creating it more.

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5. Silence social media

How often do you sit down to bash out a bangin’ blog post, only to find yourself halfway through writing it and six people deep into Instagram Stories? I know when I have my phone nearby, I’m always tempted to reach for it and just have a quick, cheeky scroll. But more often than not this leaves me with unfinished posts in my drafts because I’ve lost my train of thought. If I’m planning to write a few blog posts in one go, I’ll usually silence my phone, so I’m not distracted by notifications and I can really get into the flow of things!