I went for the chop…

Lob gently curled hairstyle inspo

The chop

I’ve been determined to grow my hair as long as it can possibly be for the past couple of years, so when I found myself sat in the gorgeous new RUSH Moorgate salon with a stylist asking me if I would prefer just a trim or a complete style change, I was instantly drawn to the idea of going for a shorter cut that framed my face better.

We hastily set to work looking for some inspiration online (good ol’ Google Images never fails when it comes to hair inspo!) and finally settled on a Lob, styled with a middle parting. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever left a salon feeling so delighted by the service and hair cut I was given, it was truly an enjoyable experience!

RUSH Moorgate salon experience Lob chop RUSH Moorgate

RUSH Moorgate

As you may remember, I’ve visited the Hackney branch of RUSH previously and had a lovely blow dry while I was there. The Moorgate branch is one of their most recent salon openings, and it’s such a beautiful space! To start with, there’s lots of exposed brick, which I love, and a colourful paint splattered wall, which has been created by Matt Small and is definitely worth getting a photo of your finished hair in front of!

As I was in the mood to treat myself during my RUSH visit, I decided to opt for a hair treatment, as well as my cut and blowdry. I had the Fusio Dose treatment, which involved a combination of concentrates that were applied to my hair after shampooing. I really did notice the difference once my hair was cut and styled, it felt seriously silky and hydrated, in fact, I would even go as far as to say I think this might be the best condition my hair has ever been in!

choppy Lob brunette hair Revolution natural makeup


After discussing my favourite ways to style my hair, we went for some loose curls and DAMN I wish I was better at creating this type of hairstyle myself at home! I know it’s probably a case of practice, so I’m really going to try and see if I can do it myself, because I absolutely love it and I think it’s brilliant for framing my face.

So…as you can see I’ve been totally converted from feeling I had to cling onto my long hair to loving a much shorter cut! Have you ever had a Lob? Is it a style you would try? Let me know!