Instanails for a perfect manicure in minutes

Elegant Touch Instanails


I flit between being a massive fan of stick on nails and preferring to paint my nails myself (generally, I way prefer the way stick on nails look, but I HATE the way they ruin my natural nails!) so when I saw the new Elegant Touch Instanails collection I just knew I had to try them out for myself and see what I thought.

Elegant Touch claim these beauties are ‘damage free’ which, I’ll be honest, I was very sceptical about. However, after giving them a road test this week I do have to admit (although they are a bit of a pain to remove) they really do leave your nails in good condition once they are removed and the designs they have gone for are seriously pretty!

I have three of the new pairs: Road Trip, Spring Fling and Vacay Vibes and I absolutely love all three, they’re just so pretty and easy to use!

The nail sets are £8.99-9.99 each, so a little bit pricey but definitely worth splurging on for a special occasion.

Elegant Touch Instanails Road Trip

Road Trip

I think these are my favourites of the three – they’re an elegant oval shape and the rose gold metallic finish is just gorgeous! I’m going to save these for a special occasion, just because they’re too pretty to waste, and I’m sure you’ll see them popping up on my Instagram feed soon.

Elegant Touch Instanails Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Normally, I’m not that big a fan of embellished nails. They always catch on things, and when the gems (inevitably) fall off they look really messy. However, these are so cute I just might make an exception for them…I think these would be perfect for a summer party or wedding, so I might save them for my cousin’s wedding later this year. These are also an oval shape.

Elegant Touch Instanails Vacay Vibes

Vacay Vibes

These nails are the only ones of the three I have that are stiletto shaped, and I’m so obsessed with them! The shape is one of my favourites, and the matte finish of these is really beautiful with the neon pink colour. Usually I steer clear of bright colours, but the matte finish makes these easy to wear and they’re just so beautiful on. I think I might treat myself to a second pair once they hit the shops!