The law of attraction

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Law of attraction

When I started working in London a couple of years ago I had a very specific fantasy of the type of lifestyle I wanted to live. I would often walk along Southbank and see people jogging past, and think to myself ‘wow, having Southbank as your local jogging route must be amazing. One day, I want that’. Fast forward to today, and I’m in the process of unpacking my things into a new, beautiful maisonette just a 15 minute walk from the river.

I first watched a documentary about The Secret when I had finished my degree and I’ll be honest, it scared me a bit. The idea that you attract what you think about was worrying to me. I often worried about negative things happening to me and then I worried even MORE about the fact that I was thinking about negative scenarios and, potentially, attracting them my way!

However, my thought process slowly began to change, and over the past year I’ve been really focused on the things that I want and desire and, as crazy as it sounds, I have really seen results.

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Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want

It’s such a subtle change, but it really does make a difference. The less time I’ve spent focusing on all of the things that could go wrong and instead channeling my energy into what I want, the better I’ve felt and the more positive things I’ve seen happening in my life.

When I’ve fantasised about running along Southbank, it’s spurred me on to find a new flat to rent that’s in the area. When I’ve put together wish lists of items I want to buy to spruce up my living space, I find myself earning extra bits of freelance money that I can spend on the items I want.

I guess knowing what I want really focuses my mind, and means whatever I’m doing, I have in the back of my mind what I want and desire and it has a subconscious effect on the decisions I make.

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Keeping an open mind

This has been the best skill I’ve developed, and it makes me more likely to find solutions to problems as I’m not focusing on what’s wrong and actively looking for ways to make it work instead. It’s easy to close our minds, and stick to what we know, but I don’t think you can ever grow and achieve things with that mindset because it is so limiting an restrictive.

So I’m going to continue to focus on what I want, and use that energy to get closer and closer to my goals. Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Is it something you practice? I would love to know!

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