The pressure of perfection

perfection pressure Tower Bridge

Perfection pressure

I’m sure we’ve all felt it at some point during our blogging journeys – the pressure that inevitably comes with sharing content online, the pressure to create something worth liking, worth commenting on and worth spending a few minutes reading. When I first started my blog, I had no clue what I was doing. My idea of a good photo was literally just one with at least 80% of the product in it, and when it came to writing posts it was like drawing blood.

Fast forward five years and here I am with my own domain, regularly working with photographers to create fashion content I love and furiously brainstorming post ideas before typing them out right here for you to read. I’m happy to say that the majority of the time I simply love blogging. I love spending time with other bloggers, I love taking creative beauty and fashion photos and I LOVE writing.

But…every once in a while that pressure to do everything perfectly creeps in. A picture snapped outside the front of my house isn’t good enough. I need one sat in front of an aesthetically pleasing cafe, with a pink latte in hand and a colour coordinating outfit on. Everything – the pose, the outfit, the location – has to be planned, it has to be perfect, otherwise nobody’s interested, are they?

Tower Bridge outfit photos

Tackling the pressure

I have to admit, I do think a lot of this pressure comes from comparing my content to others, especially on Instagram, so I try to avoid looking at accounts I would be tempted to replicate. Usually, when the perfection pressure creeps in I think about how many hours I am wasting scrolling through people’s feeds, or watching their stories, and make the decision to step back from social media for a bit.

A bit of pressure is good, it encourages us to work harder and strive for more, but as this is just a hobby to me, spending hours obsessing over the ‘perfect’ image just isn’t healthy. There’s no doubt I’ll fall prey to the pressure of perfection once again in the future, but I hope being aware of it and taking regular breaks from social media means it doesn’t ever take over my life.

Have you ever felt pressure to be perfect on social media? I would love to know how you tackle it!