Why I love wearing red in spring

red sweater dress nasty gal

Red in spring

As I tend to favour cool tones (lilacs, pastel blues and baby pinks are my absolute faves, so they make up 80% of my wardrobe) I didn’t expect red to take over my wardrobe in the way it has this spring. I don’t tend to follow colour trends when it comes to my wardrobe, I know what suits me so I’ll usually stick to that, but as soon as I saw red flowing the high street I was a moth to a flame and gradually started adding it into my wardrobe.

It started with a poppy print skirt, then I snapped up a pair of striking red boots and finally I treated myself to this giant red sweater dress. Every time I wear red it gives me a boost of confidence. It’s such an attention-grabbing colour, I can’t help but walk with a bit more of a strut when I’m wearing it.

red sweater dress spring

Living in sweater dresses

I have to admit, I have a fair few sweater dresses in my wardrobe right now because they’re just so easy to wear and they’re undeniably comfy. This one is a lot baggier than the others, and I was worried it would swamp me, but paired with a these kick ass suede black boots I think it really works and actually looks really nice. I also think the red colour helps to make it a bit less bulky.

Underneath these I tend to just wear a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt. It’s long enough that I don’t need to wear leggings or shorts under it, but wearing a t-shirt means it’s not directly on my skin, so it’s less likely to irritate it.

JustFab Mariam Heeled boot

Over the knee boots

I am waaay behind the trend with this one, but I finally caved recently and added a pair of over the knee black boots to my wardrobe. They literally go with everything and are surprisingly comfortable, so I’ve been living in them recently. These look great with sweater dresses, and also work with maxi dresses and skinny jeans. I would go as far as to say they’re the most versatile boot in my wardrobe right now!

red sweater dress outfit south kensington photoshoot


  • Photography by Sarah
  • Sweater dress – Nasty Gal (here)
  • Boots – JustFab (here)