How Desenio prints can make your house a home

Desenio Moroccan mosaic water fountain print

Desenio prints

If you’re an active member of the blogosphere, I’m sure Desenio prints are already on your radar. There’s no denying that Desenio does an impressive range of prints – from minimalist sketches to vibrant, busy patterns – so there really is something for everyone and if, like me, you’re a bit of a novice when it comes to interior design then hanging up a few prints can really add some personality and character to your new space.

If you read Sunday’s post, you’ll know that I recently moved into a London maisonette, which I am renting with one of my besties, Freya. When we moved, we knew we wanted to make our new space feel as homely and ‘us’ as possible, so high on our list was decorating the place with lots of lovely prints. Luckily for us, Desenio were more than happy to provide a few to get us started! So we ordered a few from the living room and our bedrooms, and an assortment of frames to go with them.

Desenio beach water's edge neutral print

Prints for the living room

For our living room we decided to go for neutral tones, with a splash of teal. The print above the TV is a sandy beach, right at the water’s edge and as the print is so subtle it helps to keep the neutral, minimal theme of the room. We went for a more subtle print here as we were planning to only hang one, rather than create  feature wall of prints, so we didn’t want anything too distracting!

On the wall by the kitchen we have a Moroccan print of a mosaic fountain which I really love as it includes a combination of teal and blues. It’s nice to have a splash of colour in the room, and I think as this print is the only one that includes colour it works really well with the other prints in the room.

Desenio prints Summer home interiors ideas

We also have a feature yellow chest of drawers in our living room, and to tie it into the room a bit more we have been regularly stocking up on daffodils to keep in a vase on top of it! As the chest of drawers is such a bold colour, we decided to go for a very minimal print for this area of the room. I really love this illustration of two faces, it works really well above the brightly coloured chest of drawers and is simple enough to not jar with the yellow.

Desenio Pink Sky print rose gold frame

Prints for a small bedroom

As my bedroom is fairly small, I knew I would not have much space to decorate, so instead of crowding the space with lots of different prints it was better to just select one statement one that I could display on the wall opposite my bed.

The colours in my room are blush pink, grey, copper and gold, so after browsing the Desenio website I opted for this Pink Sky print (which includes shades of pink grey and gold) and a copper frame. As the print incorporates lots of the colours I have used to decorate my room with, it works really well with the rest of the room and is simple enough to not be too distracting or jarring!

Now that we have finished decorating our new space, I think it’s safe to say that the prints we selected really bring some character to the place! It was really quick and easy to frame each one, before hanging them on the walls. Luckily, Freya’s mum is brilliant at a bit of DIY (I’m pretty sure if we had attempted to put hooks in the wall to hang the prints from we would have caused some serious damage!) so she was able to help us hang the prints we wanted in the spaces we wanted them in.

If you’re renting and looking for a way to add some character to your new space, I really recommend checking out some of Desenio’s prints and selecting a few (with frames) to decorate the space with, it makes a huge difference!


  • Photography by Kaye Ford
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