Moonlight by Ariana Grande – The perfect perfume for holographic fans

Ariana Grande Moonlight perfume EDT

Moonlight by Ariana Grande

How bloomin’ dreamy is this?! I’m a big fan of Ariana, I love her music and she seems like such a lovely person, so when I heard about this fragrance I was excited to test it out and see what I thought!

As you can see, the Moonlight by Ariana Grande bottle is just gorgeous and really girly, which I guess could be seen as quite gimmicky but personally I love it. The lilac pom pom can be detached, and as it can be a bit annoying when you’re trying to spritz the perfume I may remove it. The bottle has a metallic lilac cap and and is a prismatic and irridescent which means it really catches your eye.

Moonlight EDT holographic bottle

Fragrance notes and lasting power

The fragrance notes are as follows:

Top notes – sparkling Rich Black Currant and Juicy plum

Heart notes – Fluffy Marshmallow and Fresh Peony

Base notes – Creamy Sandalwood, Black Amber and Sensual Vanilla

As you can see, the notes are very sweet and feminine, so it’s not one I’ll be wearing daily, but I think it’s perfect for spritzing on when I’m heading out to do something fun on the weekend. In terms of lasting power, this is one that needs top ups throughout the day because the lasting power really isn’t great, but as it is on the lower end of the fragrance price spectrum this doesn’t surprise me.

The bottle is fairly small, but because of the pom pom, it’s not one I would just chuck in my bag for top ups throughout the day, which is again why I’ll probably just wear this when I’m heading out on the weekend for a couple of hours.

Moonlight lilac pom pom bottle details