How I maintain my creative spark

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Maintaining my creative spark

Whether you blog full-time, or as a hobby, I’m sure at some points you have struggled with maintaining your desire to create content. Some weeks I’m really into my blog, and I love creating new blog posts, but other weeks…I would rather hide under my duvet and watch back-to-back episodes of Parks and Recreation than go anywhere near my laptop.

I like to put blog content out three times a week, every week, so a lack of creative spark can be kind of a big deal to me. And when I’m struggling to come up with blog posts ideas it can leave me feeling really stressed! So, as it is National Creativity Day tomorrow, and I love reading and sharing blog tips, I thought I would share with you a few things I do to maintain my creative spark.

National Creativity Day offline activities

Downtime is key

Man, this is one I REALLY struggle with, but having downtime (and by downtime I mean time spent away from social media/your job/responsibilities/anything else the tends to dominate your life) is really important for maintaining creativity. When I don’t give myself time away from my phone, and blog, I struggle to come up with new ideas and I can end up feeling burnt out.

Spending most of my day online makes it hard to avoid comparing my content to others, and when the creativity is lacking I’ll find myself comparing my posts to others, and feeling pretty rubbish about my lack of new ideas. Making sure I have downtime, away from social media, means I feel less pressure to generate new ideas. And you know what? When I have downtime I find new ideas floating into my brain without me really trying, which is great! I think a relaxed brain generates better ideas, so giving myself regular breaks from my blog means I keep a healthy relationship with it.

Reeves colouring in postcards

Offline creative activities

Sometimes when I want to nurture my creative side, I find the best way to do it is with offline activities. There’s a reason ‘mindful’ colouring books had a moment recently, and it’s because taking pencil to paper can be oddly soothing. I personally find spending some time in the evening doing a spot of colouring and painting really helps me to relax and it’s a gentle way to keep my creative spark alive.

Personally, I love the activity sets that Reeves do. The colour-by-numbers and colouring in postcards are my favourites, and they also have a great selection of paints and paper that you can create some abstract art with. I really love abstract painting when I’m feeling a bit restless and I find creating something colourful really helps me to relax and feel productive at the same time.

Maintaining Creative Spark

Keep a bank of brainstorms

Ok hands up, how often do you feel the urge to blog but struggle to come up with a good topic to write about? I”m so, SO guilty of this! Recently I’ve started to brainstorm when I’m feeling really inspired, and having a bank of ideas to dip into when I’m struggling is really useful. Sometimes my creativity is really lacking, and having a selection of brainstorms to work from really helps to re-spark it. I honestly think some of my best posts have come from re-visiting ideas I had for previous posts!

So, those are my tips for maintaining your creative spark. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them, please do share some of your own in the comments below.


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