Five tips for nailing your street style photos

Bermondsey street style photos

Street style photos

When I first started taking outfit photos for my blog, I have to admit I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Before giving it a go myself I, VERY naively, thought capturing street style photos that stuck the balance between being candid and posed wouldn’t be too tricky. Now I know I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Nailing that ‘crossing the road with a coffee in hand’ shot is, most of the time, a total ball-ache and posing in a way that doesn’t make you look like a badly assembled mannequin can be pretty tricky too…

So today I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks I have picked up over the years, and I hope they will help you to nail those street style pictures too!

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1. Where can I find street style inspiration?

When you first decide to give outfit photos ago, trying to decide what poses to strike can be really difficult. I remember standing in front of my camera like a lemon, awkwardly moving my body to try to show off the clothes I was wearing in the best way I could. Recently, I’ve been looking to some of my favourite photographers for inspiration when it comes to striking poses. My favourites are Kyle Galvin, Kaye Ford, and Michaela Tornaritis – they’re all brilliant at capturing their subjects and with each new person I shoot, I find myself taking note of new poses I can try out myself!

2. How can I feel confident when posing for photos?

I’m going to be honest, even now I feel like a total tit posing for photos sometimes, especially if I’m wearing something particularly eye catching! So, my advice is always to accept the uncomfortable feeling and try to push through it. Over time, you’ll get more and more used to posing for photos and (although sniggers and comments are annoying) you’ll feel more confident in what you are doing. Personally, I found faking my confidence the first few times really helpful. Once I saw the results in the photos, I really loved them so I felt more confident the next time I decided to give it a go. Now, I rarely feel uncomfortable when taking outfit photos, and even when I do I know it’s worth pushing through for the results I’ll get.

3. How do I find pretty locations to take photos in?

Can you believe when I first started blogging my idea of a perfect ‘outfit photo location’ was the wooden fence in my back yard?! 😂 I think it’s safe to say my fashion content is wildly different from then, and now I really enjoy finding new locations to shoot in (especially if I haven’t seen it on anyone else’s Instagram feed before!) If you’re planning to visit a specific area, I find a quick Google search helpful for finding already well-known streets (eg. ‘pretty streets in Edinburgh). Alternatively, if that doesn’t give you any results, you can search for locations manually. Get yourself of Google Maps, and click on ‘Street View’ mode. This way, you can wander the streets of the area you are visiting virtually and find some streets that will be perfect for taking photos down!

Always make sure the streets you plan to shoot on are public, and be respectful of people’s homes when you are shooting in a location. 

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4. Help! How can I avoid looking bored/grumpy/dumpy/short in my photos?

Sometimes I look at photos of myself and think Jesus, do I really look like that?! Unfortunately, when it comes to my daily life I probably do, but when it comes to posing for street style photos I have a few tricks up my sleeve to ensure I look as elegant/content/effortless as I can. If I’m wearing flats, I’ll stand on my tiptoes to give my legs a bit more shape. I also like to stand with one leg in front of the other as I find this tends to look a bit more flattering too. When it comes to avoiding resting bitch face, I just have to remind myself to SMILE. I will often look off into the distance and tilt my head slightly to the light with a closed mouth smile on my face. I find this the most flattering way to pose, as looking straight down the camera lens can feel a bit intense sometimes…

5. Now I’ve taken some gorgeous street style photos, how should I edit them?

This is completely up to you. Personally, I like subtle edits for what I share on my blog. I’ll tweak the brightness, highlights, shadows and contrast until I am happy and that’s about it. When it comes to Instagram it’s a totally different story and I like to make edits that create cohesion between my photos and make them unique and distinctly mine. I’ll up the sharpness, clarity and grain to give a more retro feel. I also add a filter in VSCO (I use C1 at +5.7 on all of mine) to add a bit of uniformity to the images I share. When it comes to editing, and developing a distinct style, I would recommend downloading VSCO and having a play. Get a feel for what you like, and what works for your images. It took me 5-6 attempts before I came up with a list of edits that really work for me, and it was really worth it because it makes editing my photos 1,000x easier than it was before!

So, those are my tips for nailing your street style photos, I hope you have enjoyed reading this! If you want to see my tips in action, check out my Instagram or the Style section of my blog.