Blogosphere issue 17 – The dodie issue

Blogosphere issue 17 with dodie cover star

Inside Blogosphere issue 17

As a member of the Blogosphere team, of course ever issue that comes out is special to me – issue 10 featured my first ever interview for the magazine, I worked on the concept for Zoella’s issue 11 cover photoshoot and issue 14 featured our first ever Blogosphere Awards, an event I really pushed to make happen last year. So it’s no surprise that issue 17 also has a special place in my heart, but this time it’s because I (yes, ME) wrote the cover interview. It’s amazing to see something I first began work on in October materialise into something I can hold in my hands, and having my byline alongside the beautiful images of dodie feels like a real achievement.

Now, of course, the cover interview is not the only highlight of issue 17, there’s LOTS of good content (as always) in this one, so I thought I would spotlight some of my favourite bits below…

Blogosphere issue 17 events supplement

Features by The Kitty Luxe, The Food Medic and more…

One of my favourite things about working at Blogosphere is being able to feature so many bloggers within our pages. I especially enjoy commissioning features from some of my favourite bloggers, there’s so much knowledge out there about the blogging industry, and how we can improve our own content, it’s always exciting when someone pitches a brilliant idea and I get to see it develop into a 1,000+ word feature.

Issue 17 features a very insightful article from Holly, of The Kitty Luxeon Phoneography and how we can all take amazing blog photos using just our phones. I found her app recommendations particularly useful, and I’ve found myself putting a lot of her tips into practice already.

Hazel, of The Food Medic, also wrote a feature for this issue and hers focused on how our blogs can enhance our day jobs. I think a lot of us forget about the variety of skills blogging has helped us to hone (photography, SEO, creative writing, invoicing etc.) and her article was a great reminder of just how important it is to put these skills into practice in our workplace.

Blogosphere dodie yellow cover star

Interviews with The Slumflower, Helen Anderson and more…

Of course, I’m biased and I’m going to focus on the interviews I did for issue 17 but I really do urge you to read the knowledge that both Chidera and Helen shared with me.

Firstly Chidera, also known as The Slumflower, discussed activism, why she loves Twitter threads and her incredible work ethic with me. I could have sat and talked to her for hours, and there was so much I couldn’t include in the interview because of my word limit, so the quotes we did include from her are truly insightful and inspirational.

I travelled to Norwich to interview Helen Anderson with Kaye Ford, and I can confirm her home is just as vibrant and colourful as she is. Again, she was so easy to chat to, I could have been there all day and I loved hearing about her ‘YouTube journey’ as well as how she coped with her marriage break up and the questions from her audience that inevitably followed.

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So, I guess what I’m saying is if you’re not already a Blogosphere subscriber, WHY NOT?! Yes, I am biased, but we really do pour our hearts and souls into each issue and every time a new one comes together I just cannot wait for other people to enjoy it as much as we have.