Chrome 2.0 nails from Elegant Touch

Elegant Touch Chrome 2.0 Blossom Bae nails

Elegant Touch Chrome 2.0

If you’re a regular reader of my beauty posts, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the false nails that Elegant Touch create. So, when I heard about the Elegant Touch Chrome 2.0 collection, I just could not wait to try them out for myself! I was sent a couple of pairs to wear, and after wearing the Blossom Bae set for my birthday I can confirm they are just as gorgeous as they look in these pictures!

Once they’ve been stuck on using the glue they come with, they last for 3-4 days before they start pinging off, so they’re really great for wearing for a special occasion because you know you won’t have to worry about losing them during the evening.

Blossom Bae

I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with these, I just think they’re stunning! They come in a coffin shape, which I didn’t think I would like but after wearing them I can confirm that my mind has been changed and the shape is actually growing on me. The set comes with one statement nail, which is covered in a holographic foil which is really pretty. The rest of the nails are baby pink, so perfect for those of us who like to keep our nail colours fairly neutral.

Silver Siren

I’m not typically a fan of set of nails that are all glittery as I find them less wearable than more subtle sets. That said, I do really like these and so I think I may wear them for the Blogosphere Awards this Friday. These come in a stiletto shape, which is my favourite shape as I find it the most flattering for my hands. Each nail has a silver holographic finish that I think is just gorgeous, and I can’t wait to stick them on for a special occasion.