A supplement for stronger, longer hair

Lydia hair supplement with Zinc Biotin Folic Acid

Lydia’s hair supplement

In general, my hair has always been pretty thick and long, but a few years of dying it all sorts of colours (and bleaching it…) has left it in…well, let’s just say not the best condition. I’m always looking for ways I can improve my hair’s health, so when I was asked if I wanted to try out the Lydia hair supplement for a month and a half to see what results I would notice, I couldn’t help but say yes!

I don’t tend to take supplements, as I find them a bit of a faff but as you take this one with food (and I keep my bottle in the kitchen) I’ve actually found this pretty easy to keep up with. It also helps that the liquid has a orange flavour, which makes it really easy to just take a spoonful after eating my breakfast in the morning.

Included in the supplement are: Biotin, MSM, Zinc, Inositol, Choline, Millet Extract, Vitamin B5, L-Cysteine, Folic Acid and more. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, which is great!

carrot and orange flavoured hair supplement Lydia hair growth supplement

Results after taking the Lydia’s Hair Supplement for 1.5 months

Now, when it comes to changes with my hair, the first person to notice is ALWAYS my mum! Honestly, I change one thing in my routine, and she just knows. So, when she commented on how shiny my hair was looking, I knew the hair supplement was having a positive effect. I’ve also personally noticed that my hair is feeling a lot softer and it definitely is growing!

As I’ve only been taking it for a month or so, the results aren’t anything that dramatic, but they are still noticeable which has encouraged me to keep taking it. I think the real selling point for me on this is how easy it is to take in the morning, so if you are looking to try a new hair supplement I would definitely recommend checking this one out!