Why you need to get baby lights (and visit The Chapel, Islington) this summer

Baby lights The Chapel Islington

What are baby lights?

Ok, so, I’m not normally one to follow hair trends because I like to just try different things with my hair as and when I feel like it. But…when I started to see the phrase ‘baby lights’ pop up on Instagram I decided I just had to give the subtle highlights a go for myself, mainly because I fancied a subtle update to my hair colour this summer.

If, like me, you’re wondering what the hell baby lights are, they’re basically just super subtle, fine highlights that add a bit of dimension to your hair. After discussing with one of the hairdressers at The Chapel, Islington, we decided that a caramel colour would work well with my natural brown hair colour. Of course, if you have a lighter natural hair colour than me, you can definitely g lighter, but as I wanted something really subtle a caramel colour was perfect for me.

Why are baby lights perfect for summer?

Well, as they’re super subtle baby lights are perfect for summer as they look beautiful in the sunshine. They also give really subtle dimension to your hair, and are great for those of us who don’t want to do anything major to our hair.

The Chapel Islington salon waiting area The Chapel Islington hair treatment

The Chapel, Islington

As I mentioned above, I had my baby lights done at The Chapel, Islington which is a gorgeous salon based just five minutes from Angel station. I have to admit, from start to finish, my experience at The Chapel was just amazing and very relaxing. The waiting area includes four large velvet sofas, and before we got started on my hair this is where I sat and chatted to my hairdresser about what I wanted.

Once we had agreed on what to do, we moved downstairs to the basement and he got to work on my hair. I was given some nibbles to eat and white wine to drink while my hair was being done, which was a lovely touch and definitely helped me to feel relaxed!

Once the dye had developed, and my hair had been washed we moved upstairs to a room full of large mirrors and pastel tiled walls for my hair to be styled. Once it was done I was seriously impressed with the highlights and the way my hair was styled.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a new salon to visit, and especially one that makes you feel a bit special, give The Chapel a visit. I’ll be going back in 8-10 weeks to get my baby lights touched up and I actually can’t wait!

Baby lights subtle highlights