A new project

Launching a new project – StyleRepeater

Ok I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for launching new projects. I’m a ‘throw things at the wall and see what sticks’ kind of gal, and when I have an idea it niggles away at me until I take action on it. So, when I found myself brainstorming ideas for an Instagram repost I could run and manage myself I knew it wouldn’t be long before an idea stuck and I ran with it.

So…StyleRepeater was born! One of my favourite aspects of Instagram is how it allows you to take style inspiration from such a wide variety of people. I’ll often see some of my favourites rocking the same trends (or even the same item) in totally different ways and it really inspires me to be creative with my own style. So I launched StyleRepeater as an account where I can share outfit posts from women of all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages. The main thing is that they’re all wearing the same trend – so far I’ve enjoyed sharing all white outfits, colourful leopard prints and classic polka dots.

I’m really excited to keep growing the account, at the end of the day it’s just a bit of fun and I hope other people enjoy taking inspiration from the posts just as much as I do.

Nast Gal Round sunglasses

GLAMOROUS embroidered playsuit

Maintaining a new project

Ok this is where, I have to admit, I’m not the best. I can quite easily launch something new and exciting, but keeping the momentum up and sticking to it is where I really struggle. That said, I am determined to stick to this one because I am enjoying it so much and I really like being able to share such a variety of different styles on the same account.

My plans for maintenance are to make sure I’m posting at least once a day. I’ve created lots of different collections so I can easily find posts of people wearing the same trends, and when it comes to posting I just have to dip into one of my collections for the relevant posts – easy peasy!

I’ve also set up a hashtag – #StyleRepeater – which I hope people will use to share their style posts. So, fingers crossed this new project sticks and you’ll be seeing lots of style inspo from StyleRepeater in the future. If you wan tto follow the account, you can find it HERE.

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