Back to bodycon, with a leopard print twist

leopard print bodycon midi dress

The bodycon revival

Not gonna lie, if you had told me a few weeks ago that I would go back to my bodycon rocking ways, I would not have believed you. When I think of bodycon I think of Topshop jersey mini skirts, sticky club floors and watered down vodka and cokes…but the bodycon I’ve been adding to my wardrobe recently is distinctly more ‘fashun’ and less ‘freshers’. 

In fact, I’ve got a few bodycon midi dresses in my wardrobe now that I just love wearing with a jumper thrown over the top and some ankle boots because it’s an easy way to feel put together, yet comfortable. And while I do love my denim collection to death, sometimes your gal has to step away from the mid rise skinnys and give something else go.

Femme Luxe leopard print dress

Styling the bodycon midi dress

As I mentioned above, my ‘go to’ way of styling a midi dress is throwing a knit over the top and some ankle boots on. Recently, my favourite jumper to layer with is this lil number from ASOS, which is just loose enough to give a hint of the leopard print underneath it. As the base colour of the dress is nude, I think a cream jumper works best, and something light means the outfit doesn’t look or feel too heavy. 

In terms of ankle boots, I’ve been wearing this pair to death recently. In fact, it’s a rare day when I’m NOT wearing them, I love them that much! I love the biker feel they have, and they’re super comfy so I often find myself reaching for them when I want something smarter than a trainer. They also go with everything in my wardrobe, so when I’m getting dressed they’re always an easy choice. 

L'Oreal Stripped Brown matte liquid lipstick
AlbertineSarah autumn makeup L'Oreal

A quick note on autumnal makeup updates…

So as the weather’s cooled down recently I’ve given my makeup routine a bit of a re-jig and my current favourite look is a flawless, glowy base, strong brows, defined lashes and a deep autumnal lip. I’ve been flitting between the berry reds, plums and browns in my collection and here I’m wearing L’Oreal’s Stripped Brown matte liquid lipstick. I tend to blot and reapply this twice for a solid, matte colour and I think it’s so gorgeous I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a lot over the next few months!