Five ways to maintain motivation as the days get shorter

So, yes, autumn is my favourite season – there’s nothing better than cosy nights in sipping hot chocolate and watching box sets of Desperate Housewives – but when it comes to the ol’ blog, let’s just say the motivation can be lacking when it comes to creating and publishing posts.

It’s easy to let my blog content slowly deteriorate into drivel as the days get shorter (and I have less and less time to get photos) but this year I’m determined to not let that happen so I thought I would share some tips I’ve picked up over the past couple of years to make sure your content doesn’t suffer this autumn and winter!

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Brainstorm content ideas when you’re feeling inspired

I honestly think the best way to deal with lacking motivation is to ensure you have some ideas you can fall back on when you’re struggling to come up with something new. Think about the key topics of your blog – mine are style, beauty and thoughts – and create mind maps for each with 10–15 blog post ideas per topic. This way, when you’re feeling a bit lost, you can look back at the brainstormed ideas and pick one out to go with!

Engage with the community

If you’re really not feeling like blogging, sometimes I find re-connecting with the community can be a great way to re-spark your motivation. There’s lots of blogger chats on Twitter (you can join the Blogosphere one at 8pm on Sundays!) and they can be the perfect place to talk to new bloggers and get back into the blogging mindset. 

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Read other forms of media

I wouldn’t recommend reading other blogs when you’re lacking motivation, otherwise you can run the risk of copying someone else’s blog post idea which is never a good thing! But, what you can do is read online magazines – The Pool and Refinery29 are my favourites  – to see if there’s any ideas there that could translate well into a blog post. For example, a tartan style edit could inspire a post about why you love the print so much and how you’re wearing it this season!

Switch off from the online world

Constantly being online can be overwhelming. And sometimes I find the constant stream of images and content can leave me feeling less than excited about my own blog and ideas. So switching off, and spending some time away from my phone can be the best thing I can do to re-ignite my blog motivation and love of creating content. 

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Remember why you started in the first place

I first started my blog because I was desperate to create content. I wanted to take beautiful photos, write about the products I love and engage with a community of people who shared the same hobby as me. So, sometimes when the motivation is lacking the best thing I can do is think back to why I started blogging in the first place. It helps me to get back into the mindset of just creating content for the fun of it, and it always leaves me itching to take some amazing photos and get a post up!

What do you do to maintain motivation? Let me know in the comments below!