Introducing… L.O.V makeup

L.O.V new makeup

L.O.V makeup

As a bit of a beauty addict, there’s nothing I love more than discovering new brands and testing them out for myself. So when I was asked if I wanted to try out L.O.V, a brand that is due to launch in the UK I just could not say no!

L.O.V are a german cosmetics brand, and after their success in Europe they’re ready to take on the UK market. After testing out their products I’m interested to see how they get on. There’s a few products I really love (and some I could probably live without) so it will be interesting to see what other people think of them.

Rose copper eyeshadow palette

The Rose X Copper eyeshadow palette

Out of the products above, this is my absolute favourite, which isn’t a surprise because it includes some gorgeous copper and pink eyeshadows! I really like the packaging of this palette, the lid has a magnetised close and the grey and pink metallic colours are really pretty. I also feel the colours in this palette work really well together, and as well as coppers and pinks, you have a white and a black/grey that are basics every palette needs.

It’s also worth noting that the colour names are pretty cool. They fit around the theme of ‘strength’ and include names like ‘bold’ ‘ambitious’ and ‘smart’. It’s nice for a makeup palette to include such empowering shade names, rather than the usual ones that are focused around foods or girly topics.


L.O.V magnetic loose eyeshadow

Magnetic loose eyeshadow

This is a bit of a miss to me, I’m not a fan of single eyeshadows because they’re not the most travel friendly and you can really only create one look using them. That said, this deep purple shade is absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure it will come in handy when I am planning a more dramatic makeup look.

This is housed in a frosted glass pot which makes it feel really luxurious.


L.O.V eyebrow contouring palette

Eyebrow contouring palette 

This is such a clever idea, and mixing the powders means you can get your perfect shade. It also comes with a setting wax so you can be sure you brows won’t fade throughout the day. As you can see the palette also comes with a guide which I think is really useful for makeup beginners who want a bit of help when trying something new.


L.O.V colour care lipstick Miriam's Rosewood

Colour & Care lipstick in Miriam’s Rosewood

I really like the feel of this lipstick, the bullet has a good amount of weight and when you apply it the formula is pigmented and creamy. The shade I have is a deep pinky nude that I feel will work for a lot of different makeup looks. 

My only criticism is the black colour of the bullet. If this was a rose gold or copper I think it would look and feel a lot more luxurious!


L.O.V liquid matte lipstick excessive

Liquid matte lipstick in Excessive

If you’re a regular reader of my blog (and follower of my Insta) you will know that matte lipsticks are my thang. I tend to only really wear two types – nudes and reds. This red is a gorgeous blue-toned one that is highly pigmented. It’s going to look perfect with a flick of liner and two coats of mascara.


L.O.V liquid highlighter

Highlighting drops in Moonlight Dream

I tend to prefer powder highlighters as I find they work well with both light and heavy makeup, but when I’m going for a more dewy fresh look I find a liquid highlighter is perfect. A couple of drops on my cheekbones and blended out gives a gorgeous subtle glow and I love the pink tones to this one.


HD Matte Bronzer Sunshine LOV

HD Matte Bronzer in Sunshine LOV

Matte bronzers are perfect for contouring, so I’m pleased to be adding this one to my collection! It’s a warm light brown colour that I think will work well for those of us who are on the paler side of things.


Healthy Glow Blush Charming Rose

Healthy Glow Blush in Charming Rose

Finally, we have a pink blusher. I feel this will be a universally flattering shade, but as I don’t really wear blusher I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it.