Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature skincare range

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Herbal Recovery Signature skincare 

If you’ve been a reader of the beauty section of my blog for a while, you’ll know that when it comes to Jurlique’s skincare products, I am a HUGE fan! In fact, last year I featured their serum and a limited edition of their hydrating mist in blog posts. 

So when I was invited to the launch of their newest limited edition collection – the signature range – I couldn’t wait to hear more about the new range and have a sneak peek of the gorgeous new packaging. As you can see, each product comes in a pink gradient glass bottle/jar with gold writing, which feels really luxurious.  Included in the range are the Herbal Recovery hydrating mist, serum, a moisturising lotion, eye cream and rich moisturising cream. 

Herbal Recovery limited edition signature hydrating mist
Herbal Recovery signature hydrating mist

Herbal Recovery Signature hydrating mist

I’m not lying when I say Jurlique’s hydrating mists are literal HEAVEN. I’ve tried the Rosewater version, as well as the Sweet Violet and Grapefruit version and both have been such a dream to use I’ve been genuinely gutted when they ran out. These bottles are hefty, so they last for a good few months and are great for spritzing just after cleansing as a toner, or during the day when your skin needs a refresh.

Herbal Recovery Signature serum

This serum has a gel-like consistency and I find it perfect for patting into my skin just before applying a moisturiser for an extra hit of hydration and radiance. I’ve been using this for just under a month now, and I’m really pleased with the results I’ve seen – my skin is looking really even, hydrated and radiant (even when I’m PMSing and my hormones are all over the place). 

Herbal Recovery Signature moisturising lotion

So with this range Jurlique have decided to release two types of moisturiser formula, instead of a day and night cream so you can choose which one to use based on how much hydration your skin needs. First up we have the moisturising lotion, which has been perfect for me while the weather has been warm and my skin hasn’t needed too big a hit of moisturiser. 

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature eye cream
Jurlique Herbal Recovery moisturisers

Herbal Recovery Signature moisturising cream

This is the heavier version of the moisturiser, and I’ve been using it in the evenings when it has the night to fully sink into my skin. I think I’ll probably switch to using this in the mornings too when the days get colder and I feel like I need something a bit heaver on my skin to prevent it from getting too dry. 

Herbal Recovery Signature eye cream

I don’t always use eye creams (I often find they just don’t do anything for me) but this one is lovely and you only need a really tiny amount so I feel like the pot is going to last me forever! I like to use it once a day, in the evening when my eyes are feeling tired and puffy after a long day.